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Hi We have a lovely 3 year dog. He is nice and friendly and not agressive. When he is in the house with the family. He will obey commands to sit and beg etc etc. We take him out for walk on the lead. He goes out on his own and plays in the garden and sits on the patio. The problem we have is if anyone comes to the house he jumps all over them as he get so excited and will not stop for about 5 mins. He will not obey any commands to do anything when outside. Also if he is outside and we want to go out without him, he will not come back in. He will just run off. The problem is when i take my son to school on a morning and I walk. The dog will not go on the lead or come back in the house he runs off. He follows us but stays in the middle of the road with traffic all around him. I need to find someone who can train him. We are situated between La redorte and Pyriac minvervois.

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Hi We are going away for a few days and need to put our dog in kennels. Can anyone recommend a good kennels around Rieux minervois dept 11.

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Hi everyone I hope someone can help me. There is a homeless dog in my village, Capestang. He is a Brittany spaniel (I think that is his breed) and he is around 6 years old. He's a medium sized dog, not too big. His owner has decided that he no longer wants him and has kicked him out of this house. The unfortunate thing is that he quite likes our dog and often stays at our house and uses it a little as a hotel. The problem that we have is that he is a hunting dog and we do not trust him with our cats (we have 3!) and our house is a little too small for him. As a very temporary solution he is welcome to stay with us until I find him a suitable home. Some of our friends in the village who know the dog (they are hunters) have stated that he is not a good hunting dog because he has eaten the animals that are being hunted in the past and that is why he has been kicked out. They say that he is a nasty dog but I have seen no sign of this, apart from when he sees a cat running across the place and chases it! He is fantastic with our 7 year old daughter and our little dog and is often found laying on his back in our living room so I am not sure that he is very nasty. Maybe it's a great deal to do with his previously treatment, if he is treated right he is a nice dog. I also managed to bath him the other day as he has a tendency to swim in the canal du midi and ends up smelling very bad. He came back the following day, having been swimming and smells of fish again! I have spoken to the owner via a friend and the dog is micro-chipped and vaccinated, although I do not know if the vaccinations are fully up to date as he has been roaming the village for a couple of months. I said that I would like to find a home for him and the owner is willing to sign him over to me and give me the papers without any problems. Is there anyone out there who would like to meet him and possibly take him on? He is a very loyal and affectionate dog and we would love to keep him but our house is just too small as we already have 3 cats and a dog and I really do not trust him with our cats. Thanks for any help that anyone can give. Zoe

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we have 2 small very spoilt dogs who are part of our family, we might very have to go back to uk as my father has not got long to live so I would like someone to stay in our house in the center of quillan to care for them we have no garden so it means taking them out for walks and for a pee, (they have very bad habits they wake at 7.00, so it needs someone who is a dog lover and fully understands dogs they also sleep on our bed, a lot to ask but can't realy afford to pay but you will have full use of our house with sat tv, having to think ahead please email palmerbarbara54@yahoo.co.uk

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We (my husband and I) offer a good, loving and experienced home for any type of parrot that needs rehoming. We don't mind if it is noisy, needs a lot of attention or isn't receiving enough at the moment - anything considered. We offer time, attention, an aviary for the good weather and lots of socialisation with other birds. If you have a bird or know someone else who may want to rehome their bird please contact me. The bird will not be sold on or rehomed, it is for us and will have a loving forever home. Parrots have been part of my life for many years and i am now at a stage where we have the space and time to devote to one or two more birds.

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A friends neighbour has a couple of sheep that are in need of shearing , is it bad for the sheep to still have such a lot of fleece ? They look heavy and soggy . Also there is a lamb , well nearly a sheep now , that is brown and white , never seen such colouring .

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We have recently moved to a village outside of Carcassonne and are looking for an experienced dog groomer to cut our Scottish Terrier.

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looking for a stud springer spaniel

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Six months ago I brought out 2 cats from the UK via BA into Toulouse at a cost of 600E plus. I am now trying to return with them. Latest info to me is that BA have changed their rules and prices for pets and the cost now will be 1,710 E. HELP! Can anyone shed some light on what is going on??

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Hi, I live in Uzes, Gard. I have been wondering whether anyone else has the same problem as me, I have to go to England about 3 times a year and have a dog and a cat, and every time I don't want to leave them in kennels/catteries, it also costs quite a lot. Not so much of a problem when I travel in Europe, as I normally take them with me. I therefore hoped somebody else has the same problem as me, as I really woudn't mind keeping someone else's pets, as long as they are friendly and get on with a two year old, my daughter. She is very well trained, she doesn't torture animals!! I would keep them in the house, we also have a good garden.Let me know if anyone is interested in this exchange of favours!Alessandra

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Hi there, I have just moved to the area and I was wondering if anyone needed help exercising their horse(s)? I am not in a current position whereby I could get my own yet, or a full loan, but I do not want to give up riding for the next 7 months. I would ideally be looking for something around 15hh or bigger, and age/breed/level. I have my BHS stage 2 and PTT instucting certificate and have been riding for years so would be happy to school or hack. I live in the Aude department (11) at Fontieres Cabardes not far from Carcassonne Thank you!

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Hello, I live in Quillan, Aude and am looking for a responsible local person to feed, water and check on my rabbit daily when I have to return to the UK (normally only once every 2 months for a few days). Please let me know if you would be interested and we could discuss rates etc.... Many thanks Claire

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We have four chickens who eat both small pellets and mash (farine) but we have great difficulty in purchasing the mash here in the 66 region - does anyone know where we can order or buy off the shelf? They do like their hot 'porridge' each morning now the weather has turned! Thanks

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Does anyone have information on this "dangerous dogs" act or where can I find it?

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i'm new to the area and would like to contact any pet owners who might be interested in a new service for their pets, exercising, feeding or simply a little company while the master is at work.if you think you might like your dog or cat to benefit from some attention when you can't be there please leave me a message here.

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Hi Everybody I run the Animal Welfare Association and I am looking for a new loving home for Jessy and Lily who are in desperate need of a loving home as their owner can no longer look after them. Lily & Jessy are two female Beauceron (French Sheepdog) cross German Shepards. They are 7.5 years old and are just adorable! They are very gentle, loving and very well behaved. They just need lots of cuddles, love and your time! I provide all aftercare and full support following rehoming. If you can provide a good home with a garden, walks and you can welcome them as part of your family with lots of love, please contact me for more information and pictures. You can contact me on: victoriaspettraining99@yahoo.co.uk Kind regards Victoria James BSc (Hons), MAPDT Animal Behaviourist & Trainer The Animal Welfare Association (AWA) L'association de Bien-Être des Animaux Animal Welfare, Protection, Education & A Bright Future for Animals! L'association No: W302006554 Email: animalwelfareassociation@ymail.com President: Victoria James BSc (Hons), MAPDT

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Hi!I am travelling from Ancona across Italy and along med to cross into France and down to South of France. I am travelling with 3 dogs and am looking for somewhere to stay just over border into France and maybe around Montpellier or anywhere along med really as can plan route around that. One dog is small and fine to sleep with me in room but for other two somewhere with kennels or a stable or secure barn would be fantastic. They have travelling cages which they could sleep in over night but somewhere they could run around freely for a while would be great. They are not used to being inside for long periods. What I could do with ideally is a B&B that has maybe a spare stable for the night or a secure small barn where two of the dogs could spend the night. Any suggestions greatly received.Rachel

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Hi I have an eight year old very nervous Jack Russell to get back to the UK.........I know all about the passport etc. but has anyone any ideas of the least stressful way to transport her, as I can't mdrivve her back? Thanks Jane Buckle

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If anyone knows of oneThanks

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Hi I have used a cattery very close to Uzes for my cat and the facilities are excellent and attention they get are first class. If anyone is interested and would like the details sent to them please reply to this posting.

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