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Could anyone please help us, we are trying to find a cattery in the Uzes area (50 Km radius), or someone who could look after our cat in February 2010 for week. Many thanks

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I am desperately seeking someone who would be willing and able to look after my 10 months old Westhighland White (Westie). I have a 10 months old West Highland Terrier and had planned to take her with me to the UK for two months from December. And though in preparation for the trip to the UK she has had, as I understood, all the necessary vaccinations and blood tests and a passport, I was devastated when the vet told me on Thursday that the passport is presently only valid for countries on the continent because due to an over side/Clerical error the blood test results that are required for entry into the UK have not been entered. This means that we have to start the whole procedure again, which takes 6 months. As a result I am unable to take my dog with me to the UK. My dog has never been in kennels and if at all possible I would prefer her to be looked after in a home environment. I am desperately looking for someone, a family, who would be willing to look after my dog in their home from 12 December until 20 January. My dog is sterilised, well trained, clean, very loving and affectionate, likes walks, travelling in the car, used to restaurants and is also used to be left for a few hours without any problem. I am willing to pay the going kennel rate, which was quoted at €9.00 per day. If you can help, I would be very grateful to hear from you. You can contact me either by email: aea1050@yahoo.co.uk or by telephone on Many thanks

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Hi There, On our last visit to our village house in France, not far from Perpignan, we encountered a praying mantis . It was just sat on a wall in our village with no one around. Obviously not a pet, and after showing our French friends the photo we took of it the next day , in a totally different area , they came across one in the wild. Can anyone tell me whether these are indigenous or are starting to spread in the area after been brought over from Africa?Many Thanks, Momentum

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I hope I am on the right Anglo site here? I have had an enquiry from a person in Dept. 12 looking for a supplier of Organic Chicken feed. Can anyone assist please? Thanks PF

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I am looking for a responsible whippet lover to regularly take care of my two boys.I commute to the UK for max ten days a month and would like to find someonewho is either happy to house sit them here in the Cevennes or someone who hasa safely fenced off garden and will look after them each time I go back.Tall order but there must be someone out there!

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HOME NEEDED FOR TWO BEAUTIFUL, FRIENDLY CATS.. I have had to leave france and return to the uk. Stupidly the vaccinations are not up to date and so my 2 cats are stuck in France. Being looked after short term by friends. I am looking for a loving home to care for the cats for 6 months until they are fine to travel. Must be in a quiet location away from busy roads. If you can help and provide the right environment please contact me. The cats are in the AUDE near narbonne/lezignan but can happily be moved to your area.. All food supplied and payment for the right home.... please email me or phone on. markglover101@hotmail.com 0044 1509 856209 Many thanks. Mark

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Hi Everybody I am an Animal Behaviourist & Trainer and I am looking for a venue to run my dog training classes from in and around the Nîmes area, ideally I am looking for a horse ménage and wondered if anybody may have anywhere available to rent. Thanks, Kind regards Victoria James BSc (Hons), MAPDT Animal Behaviourist & Trainer

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Can anyone recommend a dog grooming salon or even a person who does it in your own home. We have recently moved to Leucate with a West Highland White terrier, who will shortly be in need of a trim.

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A couple of week ago we came across an egg in a garden we were cutting the grass, it was still in tact so rather than leave it, my hubby made a little box wth a straw nest, and put it on a heat mat under a light. Now we're panicing because it has actually started hatching. We didn't really think anything would happen and now would like to find someone who can look after it. Maybe a bird sanctuary or enthusiast who could carry on with it; preferably in the Lezignan area Can anyone advise?

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I am starting the search for a male leonberger dog for my bitch for next year. If anyone has one please get in touch.

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Hi We're looking for a cattery to house our cat for a few days while we fly to London for a wedding this month and wondered if anyone could help. He's fully vaccinated, would be 21st to 23rd July. Thanks

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Hi We are looking for Pure chickens breeds and a cockerel (bantam). Regards

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To all you chook people out there I have just found a new site called www.thechickenexchange.com.

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Hi We are looking for a bantam Cockerel , our hens are alone wainting for a male attention!! Regards

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www.petites-fermiers.com L'Association des Cochons en France are pleased to share with you their new Smallholders website that we hope will become one of your 'Favorites'. It is a working progress and in its' infancy and we hope that you will want to be part of it. For those in the community unable to meet up in face to face groups, we hope this will go some way to become your drop in smallholder reference. We hope you will want send us in your hobbies and crafts for inclusion on the site, and please be welcome to make use of the Noticeboard; you may have surplus produce you would like to exhange with others in your area for example, so please include you postcode when you contact us; you may want to link with others in your area and form you own local groups, or meet up with others with similar hobbies; we are happy to help to try to link people together. Just let us know what we can do for you and we welcome your input and suggestions on how to be the best that we can be. Let us be your support - we are only an email away! Hoping to hear from your soon!

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Hello there, I will soon be moving to France with my husband and 4 dogs, I have got some info. here on requirements but not on procedures.   Does anyone have experience (and is willing to share) on what are the procedures on pet importation from a third country which does not have a favorable rabies status. 4 dogs are fully vaccinated, have serological rabies test done, microchiped, neutered.  I just need to know the paper work procedures.  Who to contact to make appointment with a government appointed vet and a check list to ensure I make no mistake. Any info. is very much appreciated. thank you   

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Looking for bee Keeping equipment. We have had several hives swarm into our garden over the past few years and at present we have a swarm lodging in the roof. So we would like to give them a proper home.

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Hi, We will shortly be holidaying near Beziers and due to the fact our usual Kennels here in Normandy have no space for our dates, we are now looking for help in finding a kennels near Beziers. We have 1 dog who must be walked! We need the kennels for 2 weeks from 11th July. Thanks in advance Sara

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Hi Everybody I just wondered if anybody could offer a loving new home to Cuzco (Tattoo number 2FDR 195)Cuzco is a 2 year old Hovawart, this is a German breed of dog, very similar to a Golden Retriever. He needs a new home as his owner has had a change in her personal circumances and is no longer able to look after him. He is very good with children, very gentle and well behaved, he just needs a new loving home. Cuzco is a lovely dog that would enjoy lots of walks, a nice garden to play in and of course would need lots of love! If you feel you may be able to offer a good home with plenty of walks, a garden and your time, please don't hesitate to contact me on victoriaspettraining99@yahoo.co.ukThanks, Kind regardsVictoria James

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HI , We are looking for genuine animal lover(s) to look after our 2 dogs and 2 cats .Secure enviroment required for dogs . We have the chance of seasonal work but no pets . Good pay on agreement and food bought in also (Bulk) We are due to commence 12th June so is fairly urgent to sort out asap.If you have holiday /other commitment in period they are with you we would board for those dates . Nic and Chris

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