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i plan on taking my cat to live with me in france.does anyone know the cost for the procedure for passport ect.i plan on driving over with him in the car via ferry.

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Are you an English speaking beekeeper in France? Do you want to collect swarms in your locality? If so you can add your details to a dedicated page on Planetepassion. As a registered not for profit association in France this is offered free. Simply contact us by e-mail with your details: Your name, exact location, phone number, e-mail address and the distance from your location that you are willing to collect from. If you speak French you can also register with. http://abeille.gudule.org/ If swarms are not collected many will end up in someones roof or chimney, usually this leads to their destruction. Chris http://www.planetepassion.eu

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were getting a zebra but the frieght is expensive its not much more for transport for two is anyone else as mad as us and interested in one or more direct

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Do they have Gapeworm (Gapes) in Pheasants over here ( I presume that they also occur in other birds, if the are common here) ?Does anyone have any info on the legal requirements for bird breeders here?

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After all the interest in the horses we have been able to rescue & rehome to date, we are extremely pleased to announce the arrival of Equine Rescue France a newly registered not- for- profit association based in France. Our aims are to alleviate the suffering of equines that have been abandoned, mistreated or are destined for the abattoir through facilitating their rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing. Where we cannot act, we will inform the relevant authorities of equine mistreatment and, where possible, pursue justice. Furthermore, by supporting recognised organisations in other E.U countries we will campaign for improvements to existing legislation on transportation of live equines to ensure that they are protected from cruelty & neglect. We are extremely lucky to have a very motivated team of experts working with us to create ERF so please help us to help these needy equines by visiting our website www.equinerescuefrance.org where you can find out more and join our efforts by becoming a member. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

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can you recommend a good kennel in the Pezenas area? Thanks!

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wilfrid, scruffy disney dog, needs someone local 11700 area to have fun with from time to time when owner has to go off.

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Does anybody out there keep ornamental or Bantam hens? We are looking for rare breed fertile eggs or young birds. In preference bantams.. Kind Regards

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My bantam cockrel has been eaten by hunting dogs and now we are looking for a pretty cockrel to replace.. regards

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Good homes wanted for adorable baby lop rabbits. Available from the 12th May. Various colours. Sex unknown (that's why we ended up with babies in the first place!!!)

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if you have any info or know of any available, let me know many thanks

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hi, looking for more info about the SPA refuge in lezignan corbieres, cant seem to find opening hours. am looking for a new dog and would prefer to find a resuce dog. any help would be appreciated, louise

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Hello - does any one know of a dog-sitter locally (Castelnaudry nearest town) who would be able to babysit our old labrador for two weeks in May. He's never been good with kennels and seems to have got worse the older he's got. Thanks.Pet-a-Porter !!

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Looking for a dog carer or luxury dog hotel for our pampered pooch - any recommendations? In or around Montpellier.

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Hi there, I have a couple of pairs of pet clippers for sale: one set of Moser 1400 220v (French plug) clippers bought six months ago from Gamm Vert for 75 Euro's, complete with cutter guides. Also a set of Wahl clippers and guides 240v (British plug). Ideal for light clipping of dogs or cats. Offers? 04 68 91 16 90 (Nr Lezignan) - Peter

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Does anyone know what poultry growers pellets are called here and where to get the best price? Keith

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Does anyone know of a reputable cattery close to Limoux? I would be willing to travel up to 20 or 30 kilometres if necessary. Our cat's usual cattery, whilst really good and caring, is just so out of the way and we want something closer for weekend away trips in the summer. Sadabbott

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we have a 3 acre plot can anyone tell us how many sheep we can keep and what type of fencing we need. Also what is the best breed? many thanks

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Hi As we have been looking for long time for somebody that sells pure breeds chickens.. And still not finding anyone.. We are interested in to buy hatching eggs or chickens.. Please email me at ruysinho@gmail.com . As when I reply to the people in this site. It seems that is only me who gets the notification.. Many Thanks

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Hi We are in a small village with lots of cats. We feed the ones who live around our house and at the moment have a couple of young cats born in August who are trusting enough to come inside for the night. We would like to get them sterilised and would be willing to help get some of the other ones done too, but don't have the means to do this by ourselves. I think that there are organisations who will catch and sterilise cats but don't know who to contact. Has anybody had any experience of this near our area (between Florac and Saint Jean du Gard)? Regards Heather

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