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Looking for an irish cob,15hh maximum,7yrs or older,suitable for novice riders Please let me know if anyone knows of one for sale Thank you

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Hi Everybody I am an Animal Behaviourist and Trainer working in France. I also work to rescue dogs that are in desperate need of new loving homes by placing them in foster homes while I find permanent good, caring homes for them. I am creating a database of foster homes and am looking for people who would be willing to offer foster homes. If you are interested in providing a foster home to dogs in need, please contact me. There is an assessment to chat about your previous experience, home, care, attention that you can provide as well as the times you are available to offer a foster home. If you are in France just part of the year but are interested, please do call me, anytime that you can provide would be a great help and could make the difference to a dog. If you are interested or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Victoria James BSc (Hons), MAPDT  

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I am being cheeky and wondering if anyone would be willing to pass on some information regarding the abattoir they use. (Via email please). I am looking to add the information to the LACEF website - www.lacef.fr I need to know the following please: Name and address including postcode. Telephone numbers/email address/fax number What animals they take and the cost involved. What documentation do they require. Do they process the meat and how much do they charge. The procedures on arrival. What is your opinion of the service they provide. Any other details you feel is relevant. I would really appreciate any information you have, and many thanks in advance for the being kind enough to take the time. The information you provide will be a welcome addition to our comprehensive information base for our members. I am trying to achieve a countrywide selection. Thankyou. 50370 Manche

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We are a couple who are relocating to France in March. We would be available to anyone who requires a housesitter or, petsitter. For further details please visit :- http://www.housecarers.com/sitter.cfm/MaisonRegardons.htm

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Is there anyone interested in house sitting from about 12th April 2009 until end of the month as I need to go and see my son married in Florida and have to go to UK first to pick up!! my elderly parents also. I have 8 year old Westie who loves everyone and an elderly 14 year old cat who likes most people. All utilities paid on the house so free rent so could help those who want to see the area with a view to buying a property. If interested please contact me after Monday 30th Sept on 0033 (0)468 69 31 91. Thanks

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Hi EverybodyI wondered if anybody could provide a loving home to Maxou or knew anybody that could provide a home. Maxou is a poodle that was rescued in a starved state. He is now castrated, fully vaccinated and in good health, he just needs a loving home. He is currently being fostered by caring French people and is very obedient and totally clean in the house. He has a slight problem with the rhythm of his heart, and takes half a pill of Prilenal to keep him healthy. The tattoo number is - 2FXJ 703 If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me on: victoriaspettraining99@yahoo.co.ukThanks, Victoria

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Hi all, We have a villa near ceret and boulou and are commuting between England and France at the moment due to work commitments. my wife has a dog a cat grooming buissness / parlour in England. she is thinking of starting one up up near ceret or le boulou . can anyone give us any information on wether there is much call for this in this area of France especially being English. most of the pets we have seen do look a little untidy and we wasn't to sure if the French don't bother with this all though they seam to be great animal lovers. thanks Scott mitsubishi shogun for sale 7 seats right hand drive in good condition L REG brought over from the uk2400 euros onowe are near CERET and les pethus00447956 467 964

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To all you piggy enthusiasts and owners out there - please take a look at our website. If you like what you see and feel you may be interested then please get in touch via the email link on the site and we can tell you more about the Association and what is ahead for 2009! www.labpif.com/ 50370 Manche

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Hi I recently bought a Black lab puppy and it won't stop chewing things. It is driving me mad. Yesterday it got hold of some trainers and ripped them to shreds. Has anyone got any good ideas for training unruly puppies?

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Hello I am looking for feedback, I have stables in the SW of France ( and alot of horse experience) and I am thinking of starting a buisiness for retired horses, perhaps owners who havent got the time anymore but want to keep their loved pets, full livery will be provided and we will specialise in the needs of retired horses, owners can visit whenever they like, please tell me what you think Many Thanks sleepywhippet

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Hi, I have a very broody chicken who is desperately seeking some fertile eggs, can anyone help please as to where I can buy some??? Do you have a cockral living next door?? If so please be in contact I would like to find some today and collect! Thanks

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Good loving home looking for an Irish Terrier in the area of Pezenas.

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Hi everyone, I am searching for my beautiful arab mare faya. I put her on loan to a lovely lady (or so I thought) in Rivel Aude. Due to circumstances I had to return to the UK in sept2006 , I have tried to get in contact with this lady since Nov & have had no luck ( the reason I couldnt contact her before this was that we had to live in a tent for 2months) I have tried to phone & all I get is the answer phone , I have emailed & received no reply & I have written letters that have been unanswered. I have posted on another forum & have had people who have walked their dogs on the footpaths around the house where they are supposed to live & no traces of a horse were found . As you can imagine I am getting desparate to find out about my beautiful horse. I have also found out that her partener/husband is a plasterer so this may be a help. If you live in or around this area please ,please could you keep an eye out for her , I was told that this lady used to ride her out frequently in the surrounding areas & everyone commented on this beautifull chestnut arab. I am sorry this is so long but I am really worried about her. I know I have been naive with not making out a contract for her but this lady was very convincing. I hope someone can help . regards Heather

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Ok, so I'm a little biased! We are going back to the States for the Christmas season (12 Dec - 4 Jan, 2009) and are looking for someone nice to take care of Kika, the best cat in the world. She is very affectionate (albeit a bit shy in the beginning with people she doesn't know) and has often stayed with people she doesn't know. We would pay for the service and also provide the food and litter. She is originally an apartment cat and so is ok with that set-up, but if you have a balcony or a garden that would be even better. Thanks to anyone who can help out, because our original plan to have her taken care of just fell through! Thanks again, Holly

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Female cross Scottish Terrier/Labrador. Name: Pepsi Age: 15 months Speyed Fully vaccinated Electronically chipped – 250269700376794 Pepsi needs a good family home with a big garden – she needs lots of exercise and lots of loving. She is fully house trained and is very good with children. We don’t want anything for her we just want to know she is going to a good home that will look after her and give her the exercise she needs and deserves. Please call : 06 33 52 04 57 34 Herault region near Pezenas

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We have adorable puppy looking for a new home. She is female, born on 11.6.08 to a litter of 4. We have found excllent homes for the other 3, one locally, one to Norway and one to Barcelona.She has had her first set of vaccinations. Chip no of mother is 250 296 801 244 163.[url=""http://www.mandes.com/images/puppies.jpg"]Click here to see a photo.[/url] She is the puppy on the right.Please contactGeoff or Susan on 0468 82 58 18.

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Looking for a puppy ideally either Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, Westhighland White Terrier. Does anyone know of anyone who breeds these kind of dogs and where in the Languedoc region? Looking forward to any helpful replies.

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have had dogs and cats for many years throughout my childhood but am moving to a new home and would love the company of a puppy or kitten. live about 30mins from carcassonne. if you know anywhere or anybody who has puppies or kittens for sale, please let me know regards louise elsom

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I would like to acquire a West Highland White Terrier Puppy but don't know any reputable breeders in this region. Would be very grateful, if anyone could forward any recommendations. Many thanks,

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