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Am looking for some peacocks for my property. Do you know of any bredders in the area or anybody looking to rehome peacocks?

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While on holiday I found a lost dog in this village, we took him to Carcasonne SPA , If you have lost this lovely dog please go get him, he was so thin and sad. If you are looking for a new dog , they are going to put him up for re homing next week. He stayed in our house with us for a week , he was very special. clean, lovely manners and had be trained to walk to heel with no lead . asked to be let out for the toilet . was very gentle and loving . did not chase my neighbours cats goats or chickens . He was very special and if I lived out there I would of kept him. so some one please go give him a new home before the nights get to cold , as he was a happy dog sleeping in front of our fire . Photos and more info available please email me or ask here Im here Im there Im everywhere

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I have an eight year old flat coated retriever bitch and am looking for somebody to take care of her whilst I return to the UK for the first week of October. She is a very loving, obedient well trained individual. Am willing to pay or bring items back from UK (south) in return. live the life

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Hi there, We have 2 Boxers that have all their papers with the Irish Kennel Club and want to know how to go about registering with the French equivalent as we hope to breed. Any information greatly appreciated. Gerry

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There's an 18 year old Camargue horse waiting on deaths row at Cavaillon. He's been sold by a pony club and can still be ridden, even by beginners, He's going for 650 euros and a few of us are clubbing together to save him, if you can even send 10 euros that would help and if someone could rehome him - even better! We,ve already found 300euros!!! Her's the link to see his photo and follow the forum http://cheval-sauvetage-ass.forumactif.fr/departement-04-f40/apel-au-don-hebergement-d-urgence-et-de

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Any one know of kennels around Capestang for a collie dog?

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Hi We are going to be moving to the Languedoc with our cat, does anyone have any tips for how to move him? I've sorted out the vet side of things but need advice as to the best way to transport him. Thanks Emma M

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We will be spending two weeks in Herepian, south of France, we need to visit a Vet in the area with our dog to have him treated and his passport stamped before we return home. Does anyone know of any Vets in the area, preferably english speaking who can do this. Telephone numbers and addresses would be great. Other towns nearby are Bedarieux, Pezenas, Lamalou. Thanks Kathryn

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Free to tropical fish lover 2 beautiful angel fish a pair of breeding cichlids , clown loach and lamprologus all in good health new home needed as we are relocating, Located near Carcassonne but can deliver if required Tel. 0468714911 for details L

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Hello I am looking for a good, reliable Insurance company for my 8yr old Jack Russell - anyone got any good ideas. Have tried Solly Azur, but they are so expensive, and difficult that I want to change....................... I look forward to having any replies Regards Jane Jane Buckle

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I am wanting to take a cat from Roscoff to Plymouth, has anyone already done any research on the best ferry companies that are animal friendly so I may be able to go and check on her from time to time as it is quite a long crossing.

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we moved over from the uk in the winter and brought our little terrier dog with us, he is really suffering in the heat, does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can cool him down? it's getting so bad that he has no energy to go for walks any more!

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I have found an abandoned puppy German Shepherd x with (with think) Berger de Beauce. Very lovely but unfortunately don't want to get attached so taking her to Olonzac pound later on today. She is about 3 months old, maybe not even that. She is gorgeous, so whoever is interested let me know.

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Looking to buy a pedigree Staffordshire Terrier puppy (bitch). Can anyone help?

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We are desperately seeking a jack russell puppy, or would consider a young dog - male or female. We recently lost our own dog and can offer a very loving and secure home in the country where it will have a lot of space to run around. We live in the Tarn area of France and are prepared to travel if needed. I hope someone out there can help us

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Does anyone know of Cocker breeders

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Dog lover available to walk/sit your dog this summer. I'll be in Canet from June 10th. Provided i can get to you by bus i will travel!

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We have as rather large and still growing Dogue de Bordeaux. My wife has trained him very well thus far [16 mths] but he is now becoming very territorial. We live in the country and he does not meet many other dogs. When he does, he likes to be boss....and usually is. Does anyone know of any dog training activity within the triangle of Carcassonne, Narbonne and Perpignan please ?

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Hi, does any one in this area have a female jack. I have a male, 2yrs old,registerd jack russell, 956000000362544. tri colour, short smooth hair weighs 7.6 kg, medium build looking for female of slightly less build for breeding. must have all correct papers. normal agrements apply email please thanx

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