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I rescued a 7 day old Egyptian Mau tom here in Alexandria, Egypt, and have been looking forward to bringing him home to France with our family when we leave on 22 April. He has had all his jabs, rabies tested, microchipped, neutered et al, and now is almost 6 months old. The problem is he is a "biter" and although he is a gorgeous, loving cat for much of the time, he has unpredictable tendencies towards leaping on hands, arms, feet, anything that moves, and biting and clawing with all his might! It appears that he is quite serious when he does this, and doesn't look as though he is playing! We are now having second thoughts about bringing him back with us but have little hope of finding him a good home here in Alex. As I have an 8 year old son, I am concerned that "Habib" (our cat) will attack friends and relatives who come to visit in France!! Whilst this in itself may not be a bad thing (depending on your friends and relatives), I am now beginning to wonder whether I have done the right thing in rescuing this little guy in the first place. We have made all the arrangements to bring him back with us in the cabin (Air France) and I have all the necessary documentation for his entry. Would anyone be able to offer him a loving home? Preferably one without small children. His Microchip Number is: 985120032435878 Sadabbott

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Barbe x for sale. 1m50. Gelding, grey. 100% bombproof, shoes, boxes and is a real gentleman. He hacks out and jumps. He is 9 years old. 2,800 euros.

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Fertile (ready for hatching) Call Duck Egss My Calls are now laying and I can guarantee that the eggs are fertile, if you know what I mean! Ready for shipping or collection, if prefered. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to see some photos of my Calls or the ducklings that I hatched last year from the incubator. Monica

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Very regrettably, due to changing family circumstances we are looking for a new home for our two dogs, Dizzy and Henry.Dizzy is a short legged 'Fauve de Bretagne', a breed rarely seen around as pets as they are mainly used for tracking wild boar. She has a wiry coat and beautiful amber eyes, she isn't a barker, is loving and gentle with everyone including small children. She will be 8 in July and we have had her since a puppy. She is speyed and tattooed ZXY 639.Henry is a handsome golden labrador, if a little overweight! He will be 6 in November and again, we had him as a puppy. He is chipped (250269600146312) and has been 'seen to'. He is very loving and obedient but would benefit from someone able to train him to walk on a lead as this is not his strong point. He is, however, quick to learn and very willing to please so for someone who has the time and perhaps experience it shouldn't be too hard.A big garden would be great, a family with time for them and to keep them together would be ideal if at all possible as they are good friends. They are also good with cats!We really hope to find them a new home soon as we will have to move and really don't want to leave them with a refuge.Please pass this on and help us to find them a new family quickly!Thanks

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I was just browsing on www.olx.fr browsing through the Animal section on page 13, fourth from the bottom of the page. One Dog in particular caught my eye...it was the saddest look I have ever seen! Obviously this Dog has been badly treated in the past and has given up hope in finding an owner!...So much so he is to be euthanised if he doesn't get a home shorlty, he's only 2 years old. I copied the photo if anyone wants me to email it to them. Here are the details if anyone out there is interested. http://mazetstvoy.olx.fr/adoption-urgente-ou-fa-male-type-berger-2-ans-iid-7177883 Recherche adoptant ou famille d'accueil pour Niki. Niki est mâle croisé berger d'environ 2 ans, trouvé errant. il est pour le moment assez craintif car il se demande ce qu'il fait là, enfermer dans son box. Sociable avec ses congénéres, il est en grande demande d'affection. Il est en danger d'euthanasie! Niki est tatoué, vacciné et vermifugé N° tatouage : TRE 590 Contact : ACAMA Association Contre l'Abandon et la Maltraitance Animale Vacheresse 43520 le Mazet St-Voy Tel : ou ou associationacama@yahoo.fr If I lived in the area I would go and get him myself but I live in Perigueux - South West Dordogne! Michelle

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Hi, We have a Great Dane who is loving and gentle and an indoor dog (so normally well trained not to widdle on your favorite rug!) I have to travel often and need to find someone to dog sit in their home (as in not the back yard!) I am traveling for at least a week this March and live in the Aude area. Please contact me as soon as possible if you may be able to help. P.S. On a budget!!! So kind hearted people only need apply! Thanks! M

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Hi there Am looking for a large, short-haired dog, max five years old, house-trained. Experienced couple, no children, no other pets, town-house, no garden. Quiet village near Bézies (34). Address of nearest SPA/Pet Refuge gratefully reveived. Have a nice dayRocco

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Horse transport needed asap for 3 horses from spain to france Contact me via anglo thanks

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We have a 6 1/2 month puppy to give to a good home she is called pepsi, she is a cross with a scotty dog and very cute, I am now working full time and she is left everyday on her own. She is great with children as I have two young ones, she is fully vaccinated and with an electronic chip. She is house trained and ready to move in. Please contact me if you are interested on my email, i live in the 66 region PO. Pepsi has a electronic chip (microchip) the number is 250269700376794.

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We have two daughters, 2 and 5, and would like to add a dog to the family. We are travelling here and there in France and Spain, often by car, and therefore look for a small to medium size dog, nice to kids Would you recommend to go the local SPA and adopt an abandoned dog or go to a professional breeder? Thanks all for your advices!

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Is there anyone who would be willing to look after my dog in their own home for a week or so in January? I need her looked after from 10th January to 18th January.She is wary of other dogs now so couldn't cope with boarding kennels. She is a gentle 12 year old Irish setter, loving and sweet natured. She has been home-boarded before, several times, and fits in quickly and easily.She is still fit and enjoys a walk each day, but also likes to snooze in her bed! I will deliver her and pick her up, supply her food and pay a fair daily rate for your time and trouble in looking after her. Please email if you can help - or if you know someone else who can.

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Good homes wanted for last three Great dane puppies. Available weekend 15/16dec. Gentle giants. Kind, sweet and affectionate, playful and patient with children. They love everyone and need to be around people. The Great Dane does not bark much and only becomes aggressive when the circumstances require it (ours makes a great nanny for our two girls). The pups are mostly black with white bibs and socks plus one mantle. Both parents can be seen. Email or call 0553368637 to reserve. 350euros. Pics of parents available. Mothers ident Elec 250269602146838

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I believe that when people choose the leave their country and go to live abroad, they should make every effort to embrace the culture of their new country and adapt to the new way of life. It upsets me when I read stories of cultural conflict in countries where immigrants have refused to accept the ways of the country that they have chosen to live in. I am finding it very hard however to come to terms with the French habit of letting their dogs mess all over the place. I woke up this morning to find that a small monument had been left outside my front door. It could only have been created with the help of at least 5 tins of minced chicken, a large rottwieller and at least half a bottle of strong laxative. It had been so accurately placed, perfectly central in front of the door that I suspect it couldn’t have been accidental. If it had happened in England I would have found the dog and made a formal complaint against it’s owner for vandalism. But I’m assured by my girlfriend that it is perfectly normal for this to happen from time to time in France. She says that I will have to get used to it. I am normally a very tolerant person but this apparent lack of respect for me and for this beautiful city is really upsetting me. It’s no wonder that people don’t think twice about dropping their rubbish in the streets. An empty crisp packet is positively pleasant compared to some of the things you can tread on/in around Montpellier.(",)

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Can anybody recommend a good insurance company for a dog - including civil responsibility. Thanks in advance.

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We are wanting to buy a female standard poodle (Caniche Royale) - colour brown. Does anybody have any for sale or know of a breeder in Languedoc & Roussillon or a little further afield.

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I'm looking for chickens and ducks ,or a market where I can buy them...If you know anything ,let me know... Regards Ruy Regards Ruy

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Hello, and thankyou in advance....I am here temporarily and wonder if there are any places that require short term foster homes for cats? In the Uk I am a foster carer with pets rescue and the Cpl, and wonder if there is a similar need here in Rousillon? Thankyou again Jacqueline

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Hi everyone and anyone, Fingers crossed, my wife and I will be moving out to Gard early next year into the Le Vigan & Ganges area. We shall require a cattery for our two cats from time to time ... can anyone help please in giving us some ideas? many thanks - Graham

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4 Lovely kittens, house-trained – require excellent home Contact: Jackie Tel: 04 67 30 51 62 Mobile: 06 37 74 22 21 LarryKirkwood

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I am looking for someone who could look after my dog for about three weeks as an alternative to kennels. He is:- Approx. 9 years old short haired german shepherd / labrador crossWell trained, obedient and sociableToilet trained and good on a leadNeeds good walks or a large garden!Dates required: 25.11.07 -20.12.07 If you think you can help then please get in touch via the AnglInfo website or by email.Thanks, Graham

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