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Due to not having enough space and time, I am looking for a nice home for my puppy. He is 7 months old with all vaccinations up to date, loves children, and is very good with other animals. Please contact me as soon as possible on (0034) 0642 25 08 83

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We are in the shipyard in La Ciotat, and found a yellow lab limping behind the boat. Took her to vet, she is fine, and she has a chip, but not a french chip. She is being lovingly taken care of on board during the day and taken home by a kind hearted french man at night. I am sure someone is missing her terribly. Please call with any info +33(0)603074333 or emial.

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Alpine goats for sale. Aude area. Please tel: 0468450098

started by: Greg J-482965 · last update: 1190745083 · posted: 1174775410

I am looking at bring my cat over to France with me? It seems I need a lot of papers done; as anyone done it before? any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi I need a dog sitter for Friday 5th to Monday 8th October. 3 female Jack Russels Mum is 11 & her 2 daughters are 8, easy & loving dogs cannot put them in kennels as they like their own home. Please contact me if you are interested I live in Lezignan Corbieres. Angela angie

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We found a baby rabbit caught under the grillage by our garage door yesterday morning. It doesn't appear to be a wild rabbit - far too cute and fluffy but we've asked around and it doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Does anyone have children who would like to take ownership? We live in Fleury d'Aude, between Narbonne and the coast. Please let me know asap - we cannot keep it - we have a cat who is far too interested in chasing it! Elaine S http://www.lpsales.co.uk http://www.forsale.in-fleury.com

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My husband and I will be moving to Argeles-Sur-Mer where we will live for a couple years at least. American, living in California here, we currently run a doggy daycare and walking service. We've been trying to assess if there is a need for this in France, particularly in the Lang-Rouss area. Here, people especially like the fact we let the dogs sleep in a big room inside the house where they use little beds, pillows, and only if necessary crates. It's more like a home environment than a sterile kennel. We also provide group outings for exercise and socialization, and some other services. Ideas, comments, permits, others doing this already successfully?? Would love any input...thanks! American Maison-de-Village homeowner in Argeles, Roussillon

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Would anybody know of an agility class for my new doggie? If possible not too far from Montpellier South. Thanks!

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Hi we are looking for a rotti breeder in the area say, an hours drive from Lezignan- Corbieres.We have had rotties for many years and understand the breed. carol & chris. Lezignan Corbieres

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We live in Brittany and are coming down to the Aude with our dog and I have read and I am alarmed at the Pet Dangers notified on this site...Leichmanioses (Mosquitoes) Do I have to obtain a special collar and if I do, they need to be on for a week before travelling...we leave on Tuesday...Can someone throw some light on the subject with their experience.. Thank you in advance.

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We would like to breed from our female...does anyone have a pedigree Gos for a mutually advantageous relationship?? Thanks Morven

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Hello all I have found a small baby bird outside my house injured supposedly, resembling a sparrow, it appears to have a broken wing, i am giving it plenty of water and some small breadcrumbs and sesame seeds. Do you know or any rspca or similar in france help would be very appreciated. thank you

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Not a particuarly nice subject I know, but we have a much loved 11 year old retriever who happily is still in the best of health, albeit rather deaf! When the sad day comes, hopefully not for a while, we would like to have him cremated so that we can decide where and when to bury him or whatever. We did the same for our last goldie in the UK. Does anyone know of a pet cremation service here in the south west so that we can make the arrangements or enquiries ahead of time - not that I want to, but I don't want to do it when it happens.

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please can anyone tell me of any dog kennels in the Vias area pls

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We are two French female cats, half sisters, aged around 6-7 years old, spayed, tattooed and vaccinated up to date, with French Carnets de Santé. We live with a family who are very nice but they have a very hectic life and it's all proving a bit too much for us. We have all just moved (again!)and we're really not keen on the noise so close to a city. And the cat next door isn't very nice... With another baby on the way, we would much prefer to live somewhere else as we are getting stressed out by our current home. Somewhere nice and quiet, in the countryside, with a slower pace of life would be lovely. We are very affectionate cats and would like a little more attention. We would prefer not to be separated. Please help us find a new home!

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friendlly fjord in foal four yrs old email for more info blonde

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Would anybody be interested in adopting and giving a good home to some beautiful Labrabor/Spaniel cross puppies? They are 12 weeks old and presently residing with their mother in Magalas. There are 4 black females, 1 black and white male and 1 fawn and white male. Please contact Robert, 62 Avenue de la Gare, Magalas, for further information Tel: 0665083755.

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There is a beautiful steel blue cat/kitten abandoned by tenants in the Esplanade de l'Europe, needing a home. He loves a cuddle and would make someone a lovely companion. Unfortunately we are just part time residents, so can't take him in. Any one know about a local Cats Protection League?Love to see him go to a good home.Thanks.

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We have found several dome shaped webs on our window ledge. The 'silk' is very tough to break and the shape reminds us of mini millenium domes! The spiders inside are black with bright yellow spots, quite chunky bodies with thick legs though also smaller browner spiders too, so supposing male and female. Does any one know what these spiders are and are they poisonous at all? We've checked several websites and still not sure. ThanksSue

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