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I am in the Albere region at the Spanish border and we are starting to find some ticks on the dogs. They have been wearing these special "anti-ticks" around the neck but still... Is there anything I missed out? Do you have a secret recipe to avoid it? I think they can even jump on us; scary!

started by: sue74-482594 · last update: 1176971562 · posted: 1159198592

Hi anyone out there got a pony?  I am looking for a pony for my daughter she is 8 years old. If anyone knows of any to go to a loving home please contact me. sue

started by: Gill King-482931 · last update: 1174055681 · posted: 1172068661

We are now desperate to find a loving home for our Springer Spaniel cross. She is delightful but does need lots of space to run & exercise. She has been spayed, vaccinations to date & micochipped. No, 250269200095657, Photo available by request via e-mail or Phone 05 61 94 90 58

started by: Gill King-482931 · last update: 1174055473 · posted: 1171377759

Due to illness and with great sadness we are trying to find a good loving home for our "girls" We would prefer to keep them together. They are sisters, 8/9 months old, Springer Spaniel crosses. They have been spayed & their vacinations are up to date. Microchip nos, 250269200096202 & 250269200095657 Photos available on request via e-mail.

started by: VendeeHearts-483137 · last update: 1173440058 · posted: 1173380218

Hi .. does anyone know of a good cattery .. can be anywhere in the region as am happy to travel to ensure my 2 cats are well looked after while I'm away for a week in April. thanks! Amanda Amanda

started by: tony lowrey · last update: 1172942130 · posted: 1172942130

Hello, does anyone know of a reliable cattery in This area? Available for short stays for our little black cat? Thanks

started by: solitaire-482512 · last update: 1172236626 · posted: 1172236626

Due to my moving I cannot take my cat , she is very affectionate , neuterd and must go to a home with no other cats . She is used to a garden , a little nervous but would get used to children . I am near Perpignan .

started by: EmilyB-482645 · last update: 1171402512 · posted: 1171305201

I am hoping to take my dog to UK in March for 3 weeks. She has a blood test and rabies vaccination - we travelled to Spain last year - but her microchip was only inserted in Jan. I wondered if anyone had any experience of the border controls & how rigorously they check the paperwork ? I understand you are meant to get the microchip first, then the vaccination & blood test.........then wait 6 months. So we have all the right papers in the wrong order. I also understand if there is a minor discrepancy they can put your dog into quarantine for 6 months, a very scary thought. Oh and an expensive one. Many thanks Emily

started by: noonbiker · last update: 1170237913 · posted: 1170170756

Does anyone know of any reputable dog kennels for short term stay in the Prades area? Biker Girl

started by: lesa morley · last update: 1169403667 · posted: 1169403667

Hi, I have a very lovely 130cm Fjord pony for sale called Pom-Pom. She is very gentle, a little nervous but would make an ideal second pony. I bought her for my daughter as a first pony but after 2 months have made the decision that she needs smaller 'first' pony to help her confidence. Does anyone have a child that needs a second pony or indeed has a first pony for sale. or wants to exchange. Thanks Lesa

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In the Lnaguedoc, anywhere?? Any show grounds at all, soecifically set up for this kind of thing? does anyone know

started by: Wend-482452 · last update: 1167988539 · posted: 1165140763

Has anyone relocated their pet - in my case a cat - to France by air? If so who did you use and was it successful? I also need a recommendation of a cattery for the first month but nearer Toulouse/Pau area. Really look forwward to some advice. Many thanks. Wend

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She is two years old, very pretty with a character to match. A beautiful, affectionate, family dog whom we can no longer keep. Unfortunately, we both work full time and cannot give her the attention she needs so have reached this difficult decision. If interested, pls call or email for photos. Microchip 250269600614787 Tel: 0494960462 flobie

started by: solitaire-482512 · last update: 1166624190 · posted: 1166624190

Hello , I am going to be in the area near Perpignan for a few months and would like to help at a refuge . I would like to know if any of you out there help at one and I could join you I don't have transport so that is my problem . Is there a register I could look at to see if there is one near me ? Torreilles , I have been told has one , does any - one know of others ? Thanks

started by: equestrian dreamer · last update: 1165136465 · posted: 1165136465

hi, we live in the north of france at present but we are looking to move south; could anyone help as to weather conditions in the winter in this region and also are there many horse events; there are alot here in the north but mainly trotting not in hand showing; we would like to be nearer to arab breeders and the sun! any info would be a help! thankyou; michelle

started by: smallworld-482246 · last update: 1164048645 · posted: 1143464815

hi there everyone; weve got 9 geourgeous st bernard type pups looking for a new happy home; we are qite lazy and dont need much excercise; we cost between 8:/10 euro a week to feed; were a very reasonable affordable price to good homes only of 500euro each mum and dad are both genuine but under kennel club they have to be of the same origin; mum is from belgium and dad is british; the rest is politics ; the pups are in france with me at present; transport can be arranged; dadschip number is 0977200001441721 mums puce is 952000000023476 we have property in the north;were looking to relocate south and are looking for an equine property to buy; please contact our human mum for photos and details michelle@tres-jolie.co.uk smallworld

started by: Ginge-482635 · last update: 1160575299 · posted: 1160575299

Hi all.  I'm doing a bit of investigating work - we actually live in Normandy, but we have been advised that theres a large horse auction in "Maurs" which is in department 15 (Cantal) on the 19th October 2006 - approx. 1800/1900 horses are up for auction, and as far as I understand they are "meat price"... Does anyone know ANY information about this auction that they could send to me?  I'm sorry if Department 15 is no-where near you - I'm just trying to see if someone knows anything about it as I'm finding it difficult finding information on the t'internet! Many thanks and hopefully look forward to hearing from someone soon! (Normandy) Ginge

started by: smallworld-482246 · last update: 1159198460 · posted: 1145354636

a freind of mine has cancer and is reducing his family herd;good homes required from 350 euro to 1000 for colts,mares;foals etc; he hjas moved over to france withus and all the ponies for sale are here with passports and vaccinations etc smallworld

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Our poor dog is really suffering now - i took him out for walk late last night to avoid the heat and he has come back with a rather large tick - any one know how we can remove it causing him minimum discomfort?

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I need to buy a collar for our neighbours dog (don't ask!) but can't seem to find a make that is for tique and puces. Can anyone recommend something.

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