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Did I hear right that there are wolves roaming around the CĂ©vennes and that there is a bear near Toulouse? Have we moved back to Meviedal times?

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Back in the UK I used to do a bird survey every year for the RSPB. I haven't noticed anything like it here but I did come across this: http://www.noeconservation.org/ It's a web site, in French, where you can do a butterfly survey. Good way to learn all the names in French.  

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i have a major problem with pigeons nesting on my window ledge! is there some way i can control these vermin from pooing all over my washing and window sills? was thinking about crushing some immodium and mixing it up with bread crumbs!

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hi does anyone know of any horse shows for miniatures down this way this year! smallworld

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Hi! I really want to bring my dog and my rabbit across to my villa in montpellier for the summer season - do i have to start with vaccinations and registrations etc now? does anybody know where i could get more information on this from?   tinks

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Hello, Are there any horsey folk in the Limoux area? I am moving over this summer and it would be great to meet some like minded people. Thanks   Emma

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Hi Everyone, I found a line of caterpillars in my garden this morning - they seemed to be happily marching from one end of the garden to the other. I was speaking to my neighbour and showed her the line, thinking it was pretty amusing! but she went absolutely crazy and told me how dangerous these creatures were, told me to burn them all and locked her dog inside! burning them seems like a pretty drastic and inhumane thing to do - should i take her advice or should i just leave them to it? cheers for any comments!

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I've adopted a cat. Eventually I need to take her back to the UK (sucker for a sob story that I am). What jabs etc does she need? How do I get her back?

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Dear Admin, Firstly welcome Languedoc - we are based in Brittany and find Anglo Info invaluable - so all the very best :-) We would like to add our listing to your business/service directory - we are the importers for Burns Pet Nutrition and we distribute throughout France. We are currently listed on all the other Anglo Info sites, but can't seem to find a listing for pets under yours - please can you point us in the right direction or please would you add this category, so we can list ourselves. Many thanks Kind Regards Deborah & John

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