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Hi  -  is anyone in the Quillan - Carcassonne area selling a baby dwarf rabbit -  preferably angora -   or can recommend a good petstore who has them

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hello, could anyone advise if it is possible to buy sugar beat and chaff here? I live near Limoux so anywhere nearby would be great. thx in advance

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Although I have received internet removal quotes from companies willing to move my furniture, myself and my dogs, they all ask me to list everything to be moved and want it all organised over the internet.  I haven't a clue what cubic metre capacity lorry I would need. Naturally when you draw up a list of items it is easy to overlook one or two things.  I would have been happier with a home visit to receive an accurate quote. However, the main purpose of my posting is to ask if anybody has moved from the UK with dogs or cats in a removal lorry and if so, can they recommend any specific company?  I am moving to Herault. Thanks.

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Hello, does anyone know of, or can recommend a Pet Groomer (for a fluffy dog) in the Agde, Cap d'Agde area? (willing to travel further afield). Also, we would like to find a good, kindly Vet, rather BEFORE we may need one in a hurry. Both must be English conversant as my French is not yet good enough for some of the technical queries. Merci!

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I am part of a group of, mainly, English speakers who support the dog and cat refuges around France. We have lots of members but are mainly concentrated in the Poitou-Charentes, Dordogne and Limousin regions. We would love to have more members in other areas so we can help more refuges so please join us if you are interested in walking dogs or cuddling cats who are looking for a new home. If there are any associations or groups in the area, please could you let us know about them? We have a couple of members in your area, but they would prefer to join an existing group of volunteers than go it alone. Thanks for reading. Our facebook group is LAARF - SPA Volunteer Network and our website is www.LAARF.com

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Hi, just adopted a siberian husky/cross german shepherd.  We are planning to bring him to our house in Axat for a couple of weeks. He already has a dog passport as was belonging to forces, but not sure if he needs a muzzle in public, and what do we do to register him. if anything.  Anyone know of any good vest in area as well for return docs. Thanks

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Hi, we live on the herault/tarn border and have to find a kennel for our dog for a few days mid January. Could also consider a kennel situated on the way to Toulouse or Sete (as we are not certain if we are going to catch a train or plane) Does anyone have recommendations? Cheers!

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Hello,  Planning to come and visit the area of Limoux on next February or March ,I would like to find some petsitting ( dogs, cats, horses ....) so I could save money on rental charges and help someone who wants to travel leaving pets safe on good company . Im 53, love animals,Im used to them and caring .I have reference on request . Please email me for more information. thank you. Christine.

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Argh, I've been let down at the last moment for someone to mind my two Lab dogs from 27th Dec - 4th Jan!  Can anyone help? One of them at 13yrs is two old for kennels - suitable payment can be discussed but it must be a calm caring environment!

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I suppose that this should really go in the animal section but I might get  a wider response this way. We have neighbours who live in a part built  or unfinished house, in fact it has been like this since we bought our house 10 years ago. They are also surrounded by scrapand debris.There are many other problems but they create another story.  The problem today are the cats. Hubby and I both love cats but these people have at least 10, all unsterilised. Our garden stinks at times as they seem to like playing here, perhaps because no clutter. They are all stick thin and mangy and in the evening it is like being at the waterhole when they gather round the swimming pool to drink. Several of them are having kittens and we know that most of them are drowned at birth then incinerated. Got the picture? The Maire just shrugged when we tried to raise the problem  There are 2 who seem to have adopted us some time  ago and they have been coming for meals  a couple of times a day, Darth Vador is very ill with a breathing problem but  Butch Catsidy is reasonably well Then there is another one, Sundance Kit,  a very young female in kitten who started coming within the last few months with Butch. We are willing to take care of them on a permanent basis and have them made more sociable but how do we go about it? Do we just take them to a vet or do we have to notify their owners who will possibly reclaim them once someone else has paid for their treatment. They are also very nervous so they might not even go into a carrier if we can get one big enough, Could we enlist the help of the SPA who are more used to dealing with semi wild cats and pay the due rates?  WHAT TO DO ,HELP!

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I wonder whether there's anyone in the Limoux area who might be prepared to look after my spaniel-sized, 3 year old, very well-behaved crossbreed for three days at the end of February?  He's friendly, fine with other dogs, but chases cats!  I'd be happy to reciprocate by looking after your dog in return.

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Hi all, I was just wondering what the average price of dog walkers/pet sitter are around the Narbonne/Beziers area?  Thanks in advance! :) 

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I am desperately seeking some one to pet sit for my small dog in our home or yours for 3 days next week and for a week over Christmas. I live in Mailhac and have an old italian Greyhound. She is very sweet, but her hearing is very poor. I also have three cats, but they need little to no real care. Please, if you can help I would so appreciate it.

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We have just moved to France from America and are seeking an English speaking vet for our small dod and three cats. They are quite old and I feel that it is important to have someone who speaks English because I fear that end of life issues will need to be discussed in the not too distant future. If anyone can help it will be so greatly appreciated.

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Hi. My wife and i have been looking into moving to France on a permanent basis, and buying a home in the Languedoc Roussillon area. We have been researching for some time now, and we have dogs and chickens that we would like to bring to France, to be honest if we can't bring any of them for one reason or another we will have to put any plans of moving on hold. We have an American Bulldog which is said to be part of the mastiff breed family, the French law says mastiff breeds, and they name the Boerboel (banned in France) but do they mean all mastiff breeds. It is not very clear to me if American Bulldogs can enter the country. Although the Boxer dog is also a mastiff descendant. Our AB also has no pedigree papers, they are not  recognised in the UK as a pedigree dog. I spoke with Defra and French customs and got  no definitive answer. Any advice would be really appreciated. All the best... Garry and Cathy.

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Hi, Does anyone know of a dog friendly beach / lake where I can take my dogs swimming. Anywhere between Perpignan and Serignan. Thanks.

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We live in the Carcassonne area and are looking for a company that will provide a double glazed panel with a catflap built in. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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My next door neighbour, a French former hippie, has acquired a pony (!) as she does not believe in using a lawnmower to cut her grass. She has quite a large garden and the pony is allowed to roam freely. Unfortunately, it only opens its bowels right next to our garden, so the stench is appalling and the number of flies has increased ten-fold, making it impossible for us to enjoy meals al fresco, or even sit outside with a good book. Does anyone know what the law say about this?  Is there anything I can do to make my neighbour see sense? By the way, my French is rather limited and the house is our secondary home, used for 3 weeks in the summer and 2 in the spring. Thank you in advance for any assistance in this rather stinking matter. Olivia

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Hi, I am a middle aged dog lover in Carcassonne, with some spare to offer to someone who needs their dog walked. If you know of someone (maybe elderly that has trouble walking) who has a dog in need of exercise, than I am happy to help. Any breed any size :)

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We have just moved to the area and I am looking for a cattery for my 2 moggies when we go away or someone to feed them in our home - would reciprocate.

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