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Does anyone know a dog beheivieor therapist/ psycologist preferable english speaking near Pezenas?.  

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My husband and I and our little miniature pinscher, Sami, will be moving from Carcassonne to Argeles-sur-Mer on April 1, 2015. If anyone has a vet recommendation for the Argeles-sur-Mer area, I would appreciate your input and recommendation. We have been blessed with excellent veterinary care in Carcassonne and while Sami doesn't need care often (thankfully) we do not wish to wait until there is a need to find her a good doctor. Thank you in advance for your recommendations, Tracy

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My husband is over in Axat currently renovating our new house, he has taken our border collie Barney with him, can anyone inbox me with the details of a local vets that will be able to perform the checks/treatment to return to the UK next week. Thanks in advance.

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We have seen a 6 starling size birds, all together eating seeds of a tree in a small wood, about 300 metres from the beach at Collioure in The South of France about 1 month ago. They had blue necklaces, and were the size of a starling.  Haven't seen anything like thme before or since. Anyone any idea what they were 

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Does anybody know if the two special types of horse feed as listed above are available locally or even in all of France (with a possible delivery service) They are special feeds to help horses which are prone to or have laminitis (la fourbure I think in french, perhaps without the first r !!)   Thanks

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I am getting contradictory  information regarding this disease, one vet says a vaccination is not required, another says that the area is rife with it. We treat our dog once a month with advantix, she does not sleep outdoors, we are close to the coast. Has anyone any information or experienced anyone whose pet has suffered with this.

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 Lost on Monday in the village of Saint Gauderic area which is 40 mins south west of Carcassonne  5 year old black female labrador very timid but gentle  her name is Willow She is wearing a electronic collar with a tag attached and is chipped. Please look out for her.

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Hi, I am wanting to buy three laying chickens and wondered which are the best to cope with cold wiinters and ones that  can become tame. Thank you

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Hi all I'm posting this on behalf of a lady on AngloInfo Brittany, hoping that some kind souls may be able to contribute a small amount towards an operation for an abandoned cat. See here for details: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/222662/0/injured-cat-dilema/ Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Linda W

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Good news. The new LAARF (Les Amis des Animaux des Refuges en France) SPA and refuge volunteer network is doing so well. Angouleme SPA reported on Thursday that EVERY dog had been walked since the beginning of the week. If you'd like to volunteer at your local SPA, walking dogs, cuddling cats, taking photos, even grooming and cleaning, please contact your SPA directly, or join the LAARF group to hook up with a companion. There are plenty of kind people who will accompany you for your first visit. It really, really makes a difference to the welfare of the animals. Thank you The LAARF group can be found: Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/ Website www.laarf.com

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Hi we moved here in December, our boxer has had all her upto date vaccinations, however someone mentioned that there are a couple of vruses carried by ticks, that she needs vaccinating against, has anyone had any experience of this or know what these are called and if they are needed.   Thanks   Steve

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We are getting seriously frustrated by the French authorities and what the position is regards bringing a puppy to France.   We have spoken to DEFRA, the French embassy, French customs, a local French vet, an English vet in France, an English vet in England - 2 European pet transport companies and NONE of them give them same advice or information. Can we bring our 8 week old puppy to France without risk of getting him impounded ?   He will be microchipped and have a passport but he can't be vaccinated against rabies as yet. He won't have completed his vaccination programme and has not left his mother or been out of the house.     Does anyone have any up to date knowledge of bringing a young pet to France under the current EU guidelines ?  

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Hi   Can anyone offer a home to a goldfish -   we are hoping to move soon and I dont want to take my son's aquarium with us -   one goldfish refuses to die !!    I dont want the aquarium either if anyone wants it -   its quite a good size  45 high X 80 long X 30 wide -  light and pump works but the heater doesnt     I'm in Nebias between Quillan and Puivert and can even drop them off if you are close to me    thanks  Carol 

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In December I posted about a new group of, mainly, English speakers who have started volunteering at animal refuges around the country. We are now writing a blog about all things to do with volunteering at a refuge and related topics. If you are interested in joining us in volunteering but are nervous about going, please read today's piece written by one of our volunteers about her first visit as part of our network. http://laarf.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/volunteering-for-the-first-time-with-laarf/ and our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/  

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Hello, I have recently moved back to the UK and have left my cat in the care of a friend, but want to bring him back to the UK as soon as possible. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a rough price for his Pet Passport, microchipping and the rabies vaccine? I have tried googling but to no avail... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

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Hiya, If you know of a small animal rescue centre in the Aude, please let me know as I can't find any online! I am looking to get another rabbit but would prefer to get a rescue if possible. Many thanks Claire

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Just popping down from Poitou-Carentes to let you know that a new Facebook group has been formed to bring together animal lovers who would like to help out at their local animal refuge. If you already volunteer for your local animal refuge, or are interested in helping by walking the dogs or cuddling cats or by collecting and delivering much needed food and bedding, please join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/ We plan to develop the network and there will be a website in the New Year with lots of information about volunteering, fostering and where you can make a difference, so if you don't use facebook but are interested in being involved, please get in touch, letting us know how you'd like to help.

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Does anyone know if a fostering system for dogs exists here? Eventually, we hope to adopt a dog from the Animal Refuge in Narbonne, but considered fostering, as a first step. Any information would be appreciated.

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Moon is not even two years old and she is going to be put down! She is at Carcassonne Spa after being dumped there because she had puppies! She gave life to her pups and saw them safely off to good homes but now she needs a home desperately as the refuge has 150 dogs when they only technically have room for 90! There is going to be a 'cull' and Moon is going to be among them! She's never had a shot at life! She is chipped (775 781 792 00020) and is just the most gentle creature - even just a foster home to get her safe till we find her a permanent one - it's just time against us! Please will some kind person come forward to help her?? The link below shows her picture.[IMG]http://i860.photobucket.com/..._0668.jpg[/IMG]

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travelling back to the Uk with our cat on friday by euro tunnel, does anyone know if i need to take it to a vet before traveling ?? dont want to arrive at pet contol and be refused !!!

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