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Hi, Sadly having to rehome our 8month old pup as he and his brother just don't get along so it's best all around if he finds a new family. We have done our best but sometimes 2 dogs just don't mix well together. Basic info: Breed: Bringe Fauve Sex: Male Size: Medium Neutered or spayed: Spayed Microchip number : 250 269 604 628 764 Vaccinated and next due date of vaccinations: Vaccinated, annual visit due: 19th March 2013 Valid passport for entry into the UK and next due date of rabies vaccination: No Age: 8 months Good with other animals?: Good with other dogs, likes cats, but chases them a bit as he is still a puppy so wants to play. Good with livestock/chickens etc?: Bit frightened of them! Good with children?: Nervous around some people, but once he gets to know them, he is great Travels well?: Yes, quiet in the car, goes to sleep for most of the journey Any other information: We are reluctant to rehome him but he and his brother just can't get along. Happens that way sometimes. Photos can be sent Message me for more info, Louise

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Hi everyone, My wife and I will be spending 2 weeks in Lavalette - we'll be taking our dog too :D - does anybody know of any English speaking vets in the area?Thanks

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My husband and I are planning a six month trip to France in April. We have a house in the languedoc-roussillon region and would like to bring our female rottweiler with us. Does anyone know if there are any problems bring them into the region or have any information about doing so? We just found out that Air France won't allow them on their planes although they are permitted under the laws I have found. Thanks for any suggestrions or help.

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Looking for a male cocker for stud - can anyone help?

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Does anyone know of a good caring cattery in the Narbonne area?. I have three cats which may need to stay in a cattery whilst I'm away for a couple of weeks in July. We will have just moved house so I wouldn't be able to let them out for a while if they stayed at home with a cat carer/feeder. Sheila

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Hello, does anyone know if the Orijen brand of dog kibble is available in Nimes or surrounding areas? Ideally the blue bag (fish blend) but any other Orijen blend would be great. Many thanks!

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I'm looking for an 'affordable' but safe way to transport my horse back to the UK (we live in dept. 11 Aude). Does anyone know of any horse transport companies that may be travelling back with empty/half loads? I also need some advice on what paperwork is needed! Cheers, Grazinia

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Tattoo No: 2DSN643We need to find a welcoming home for Verso, one of our two male french pointers. Tensions been building between them for a while, and despite our best efforts to deal with the situation we've had to separate them to stop them fighting, and keep them in different parts of the house. We feel it would be best for both dogs and the family if we could find Verso a new place to live. He loves to be cuddled, but also loves to run! He's fully vaccinated and tatooed. Please get in touch if you can help.

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We have a field behind adjoining our garden, perfect grazing for a donkey, pony or horse in Corneilla de Conflent, Prades area 66820. The grass needs eating and he / she would receive lots of attention and love from us and our toddler daughter. Either a total loan or free grazing to the right four legged friend! Plenty of tree shelter and out of the wind, water readily available. If interested let us know, available immediately ............._________________

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Hi, I have posted on here before to ask if there was anyone local to us who does dog training but I didn't get anywhere. Anyway am really hoping someone can help! We have a 9 month old border collie cross. We are making progress but it's very slow and one step forward two steps back kind of thing! I work from home and my husband is out working a lot as well so our time is limited. The main problems we are having is recall (he will come back every time when he wants to, when there is no distraction - but if there is something more interesting he wont't, or if he has run off with something he shouldn't!). He runs off with things a lot - we have lost countless socks, books, small toys etc to him! He also pulls washing down off the line! Today he was particularly lively and barking an awful lot in my face when I was trying to do something so I showed him the nylon muzzle and put it on him for a few mins. Afterwards he seemed to become completely rebellious - he wouldn't come when I asked him, or sit or any of the basic commands we have practised. I did have to leave him alone for a few hours today but he had two good walks morning and lunchtime and I left him with a bone to chew. After I took the muzzle off (as he was very lively) I took him out for a cycle so he must have run at least 10 kms. Again this evening though after we got back he was being naughty again. And when I came downstairs he had pee'd in the living room for the first time in months! He has not been snipped yet - I think it would help, my other half is reluctant but has agreed. I know that he needs proper structured training and we just don't have the experience to do that so, if there is anyone who is experienced with dogs who can help please get in touch. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. We are near Chalabre on the border of the Ariege and the Aude. thanks

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i would like someone to care for one of my dogs in their home for a week 16th jan till the 26th i live in quillan and a friend is coming to look after our house and dogs but he has 2 dogs as well and one of mine is 12 a small cross breed she is a bit deaf and needs her ears cleaned each day she is very friendly and lets you do it she just needs to be in a quiet place my friends dogs are quite lively she wakes up early about 7.00 each morning for her breakfast so long as she can go in the garden she will not go for a walk hope someone can help i will feel happier knowing she is not agratived, please email barbara on palmerbarbara54@yahoo.co.uk or respond

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I live in quillan and we are hoping to go away this month for about 7 days but need someone to come and stay to look after our 2 small dogs, must love dogs only one needs to go for a walk we have a garden, don't want to pay too much as you will be staying in our home food provided, email palmerbarbara54@yahoo.co.uk

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I have just been let down by my neighbour, who had promised to feed my two cats while I am away!Is anyone prepared to look after them for me, from this Saturday 17th December until 31st December?I live in Narbonne but could deliver them anywhere. They are both around one year old, very affectionate, used to being indoors and using the litter tray, but they could go outdoors in a safe environment. Thank you

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Can anyone advise me on this? Just adopted a refuge dog and unsure of rules and regs. Thanks in advance.

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Hope someone can help a.s.a.p! My 10 1/2 year old dog has been diagnosed with early stage congestive heart failure. He was prescribed 2.5mg per day of Ramipril/Vasotop.... Its a heart pill keep him alive longer. He will start to slowly weaken without them. I was wondering if anyone could donate some to me urgently, as I ran out 1 week ago and I am really skint lately due to ill health, and can only just about afford to feed my 2 dogs and me. I was hoping that maybe someone had some in their cupboards no longer required and still in date. .... I live in France permanently with my dogs and know of no Rspca in this area for dogs. This is an absolute genuine request for the health and future of my wonderful dog and best companion. We will be extrememly thankful to you.

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The SPA Carcassonne has an open weekend on the 11-12 December. The refuge will be open on both Saturday and Sunday from 1400-1800. I will be there on both days to help anyone who needs me with either the adoption process or in choosing a new pet. Unlike some refuges we allow you to meet the animal in a park and introduce it to any existing pets.Please come along and consider giving a dog or cat a loving home.Thank you!Rowan

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Baby crevettes for tropical tanks 2e each

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Just been to my vet in UK today and she tells me that cats and dogs (dont know about other animals) can travel around EU countries (definitely to and from UK/France) as from 1st January 2012 with one rabies injection only, plus passport and microchip. No longer will the two vaccinations, plus blood tests, plus six months wait be needed. It will speed up anyone wanting to go back to UK or indeed back into France as only three weeks is needed between vaccination and entry. Of course make sure and check with your own vet but this might be helpful to people travelling. I am coming back to France next year after trying UK again for one year and failing to enjoy it so back home to France for me and my dog and cat in 2012.

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Hello, I have 2 cats that I need to get from the South of France to Somerset. Does anyone have any experience of traveling this far with cats? Can a vet give them medication to make them sleep? Does anyone know of any hotels in Dover or Calais that would accept 2 cats for a night? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Kate

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We are moving into a holiday home for 5 weeks while we wait for our new house to be ready. We cannot take our 2 house rabbits with us. We need someone to take one or both, as they live in seperate cages until the 15th October. Or if anyone knows of a "pension" for rabbits please let me know? I live in Colombiers, near Beziers but am willing to travel. Thanks.

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