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Just wondered if anyone knows how prevalent Heartworm is in this area. We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback who has not been treated as I didn't realise it was a problem here. Also, seems that you can only get the medication from a vet. We are returning to the UK for a short trip in mid October. Can I afford to wait until I get back to my UK vet?

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We are looking to get two fairly young female Ouessants. Do you know of any breeders close to Quillan, Puivert or Limoux? If you do please could you email me the contact details? Thanls for your help

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I am looking for some grazing land in Quillan for 2 horses (11500), please let me know if you have any available or if you know anyone that does.... Thanks v much!

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Hi, If anyone has a horse/s they need help with (chores etc...) or if you want someone to ride out with sometimes, I would love to hear from you! I live near Quillan (11500), have transport and would love to meet other riders in the area. I have ridden on and off for years and love hacking - at any speed! :) I can groom, muck out, tack/rug up etc.... Please contact me if interested! Thanks

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My young cocker spaniel needs his coat trimmed, can anyone recommend someone in Pezenas area? Maggie2

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I'm writing an article at the moment on what prompts horsey folk to move to France and am keen to hear why you chose to move to France in particular, or why you are dreaming about moving to France. I suspect people with horses might have a different take on things than those that buy a more traditional home over here.

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Are you looking for a cat or do you think you could give a cat a good home. The SPA at Carcassonne have cats ready to go: All the cats are tattooed, vaccinated, tested for leukosis and sterilised and adoptions cost 90 eurosIf you can help get in touch todayhttp://spacarcassonne.e-monsite.com/rubrique,les-chats,92874.html SPA de CarcassonneRoute de Berriac11000 - CarcassonneFrance04 68 25 35 45

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Can anyone recommend a pet insurance company here in France? I have checked a few online - but would like recommendations. They all seem to offer the same sort of thing and at similar prices....

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Hi everyone,we have just adopted a dog from the pound and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a reasonable, sympathetic vet somewhere in the area from say Quillan to Perpignan?

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Hi,We are hoping to bring our dogs over to our villa in Villemoustaussou. Does anyone know of an English speaking vet that we can take them to for their PETS (passport) wormers etc.ThanksKathy

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Hi!I have a lively Caspian horse (gelding). Unfortunately I have little time now to make good use of him, and I'm looking for a new home for him.If you are interested or know anybody who could be, please get in touch.Thank you,Chesca.

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Can anyone advise. We have two french dogs that we want to take on holiday. Thinking of going to Spain. They are both chipped and have their yearly injections. Do we need passports for them? I have read loads of info on the subject and find conflicting evidence. We brought a cat from the UK by ferry with a passport and we didn't have to show it and they didn't even know we had him with us. i know going back to UK is a different matter but anyone know whats best for traveling around europe with our animals.thanks

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We have just moved to St Bres near to St Ambroix and need to buy dog discs engraved with our new telephone number but can't seem to find anyone selling them. Any one know where to try please.

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Hi we have a neighbour who has inherited a 9 month old female cat. She needs to be spayed but he is unable to pay normal vets fees. Is there an equivilant PDSA or Blue Cross that could help We live near Limoux. Please email mo@there-and-back-again.org.uk

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I am looking for some Pet Insurance for a Rhodesian Ridgeback (dog). Can anyone give me any advice. A lot of the insurers I have looked at seem to cover 70% whereas in the UK they cover 100% apart from the 'excess'. Is this usual in France? Thanks

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Hi we are looking for either kennels or someone to look after our dog in there home. From 4th March - 11th March. We are situated in Rieux Minervois Dept 11.

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I have a westie with serious skin problems and to be honest we've seen lots of vets and they don't know what it is.Can anyone recommend an alternative/holistic vet please ?We're in Cap d'AgdeThanks

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Hello all cat lovers, Does anyone know whether there are any cat sitters in the area, or indeed anywhere in France who could temporarily look after some cats? Thanks, Kate

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hi everyone, was just looking for some advice. i am about to move back to carcassonne,france and need to get my two cats shipped over. They will be microchipped and have their pet passports ready in 3 weeks. Does anybody have advice about how to bring them over?I am flying over, not driving. Have been looking at pet courrier services but they are all out of my price range!!Many thanks

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Hi, I have some french neighbours who are desperately looking for homes for some ex hunting dogs. They were the dogs of an elderly relative who can no longer care for them & they spend all of their time cooped-up in a kennel now. I will have more details soon & maybe some photos. As these dogs have not been house-trained they will ideally need to live outdoors & to be with people who have experience with dogs. Anyone interested, please PM me for more information. We are dept 66 near Ceret & Perpignan.

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