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Hi My husband is keen to find a cricket club in and around the Uzes area. I have noticed their is quite a few clubs around Pezenas, Toulouse etc... Does anyone play who can give us advice on a nearby club, if any. Thank you.

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Could anyone recommend a hotel in the town that does not cost a bomb, can accommodate 6 or more rooms and is nice please.  

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Hi, I am New Zealand living in Castelnau de Guers this year and I was wondering if anyone here could help me. I am an experienced and qualified football referee and I would like to referee some games while I live here.Does anyone know who I should contact?Any help is welcome.Thank you

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Oops , I sent before finishing .... Thanks in advance ....

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I am a French woman living in Perpignan. I have worked as a French teacher for expatriate people during 7 years. Now I am running a weekly English conversation class at the CENTRO ESPAGNOL in Perpignan and I am looking for a native English speaker to join us from time to time.Claudie 

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Hi, we live in the dordogne and fancy visiting the aude area for a spot of salt water fishing, we have no equipment or boat but plenty of experience, are there companies set up to rent out boat and equipment ?  fancy it being just him and me as its a little bit of a memory lane trip but no idea where to go, like the idea of the still waters on an Etang with some decent size salt water fish but to be honest its more about just being there with him.any pointers much appreciated, we looking to do this begining of june

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I am arriving at Estarti on the 16 may and I'll be staying for approx 2weeks .I was wondering if there are groups/individuals who I could join for a bike ride?Please let me know .

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I am arriving at Estarti on the 16 may and I'll be staying for approx 2weeks .I was wondering if there are groups/individuals who I could join for a bike ride?Please let me know .

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Hi there,I'm a South African that joined a French Veterans club in Perpignan (Over 30's) a few years ago. We are always looking for more players to come join the fun. We train on Monday evenings 20:00 to 22:00 in Perpignan (some of us go for a little drink after)we have matches against other teams on a Friday evening (1 or 2 per month), then a meal afterwards, usually around €13)The rules are slightly more relaxed than the real deal but the point is to get out, run around and have a bit of a laugh with the lads..Let me know if you are interested.Alberto 0682525300 - alberto@nestoweb.com

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England equal All Blacks world record for consecutive victories but they say we are still not as good as them - possibly not,  but we won't know as they won't play us! Nothing scheduled until November next year so it is all a bit hypothetical really.What result are people tipping for next weekend in Ireland?

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Does anyone know of an H3 group in the Perpignan area??

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We need to take our 5 M boat out of the Canal du Midi near Ventenac to take to a yard to paint and to service the engine. We've heard that VNF restricts where you can take a boat out.  We wan t o use one of the little slipways in a village nearby. Has anyone heard about restrictions on where you can take a little boat out of the water on a remorque (boat trailer) and to put it back in? We want to do it next weekend.

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Is there anyone near beziers who is interested  in the odd game of golf over the winter, I know a lot have gone to other climes at this time of year but there could be others who wouldnt mind meeting up for the odd game??

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Hi all,We used to have our own canal boat in the UK so are experienced in boat handling. We both really fancy a holiday on the canal du midi but would consider other waterways, on checking the many hire companies they all seem very expensive, so does anyone know if a friend or relative rent our their boat private?

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I don't know if one exists or not near beziers where i live but if not I thought it may be worthwhile to start one .. I am a now and again golfer, not a club member ( though have been in Uk)and as i enjoy a round for the social side as well as the sport  I thought others in the area may wish to play a round occasionally with people they as of now don't know ,but maybe once a month get together and have a game with new people and make new friends at the same time . I know there must be people with partners who don't play and are maybe looking for others who do, so if you fancy a round then contact me and we shall see if there's much interest , you don't have to be a low handicapper or anything but just be able to get round the course and have good etiquette so that others enjoy playing with you , any golfer will know what i mean

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Now, this is an idea being developed deep in the inner workings of my mind. A coffee morning in the centre of Beziers for any English speakers and ex pats. The purpose, to meet new freinds, to help exchange ideas with each other and to drink coffee, Tea in my case. If you think this would work then please add your thoughts to this thread.

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Hello everyone, Would anyone like to play a casual game of bridge or does anybody know of any bridge clubs in or around the Lezignan area? (I am just looking for a friendly (rubber) game and to make new friends!)  Thanks in advance! 

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we are looking for a berth for our yacht - longeur 9.5 metres/ largeur 2.7m/draught 1.5m   ideally Gruissan or Cap d;Agde but flexible. Any ideas /suggestions etc etc.  thanks

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