Béziers Anglophone coffee morning

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Now, this is an idea being developed deep in the inner workings of my mind. A coffee morning in the centre of Beziers for any English speakers and ex pats. The purpose, to meet new freinds, to help exchange ideas with each other and to drink coffee, Tea in my case. If you think this would work then please add your thoughts to this thread.

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Maisonstournesol.filesharing 1425927106

We have a coffe morning every Monday - in a small village near Pezenas.  We are happy for you to join us.  Some come as couples and some singles all depanding on time schedule.plenty of ideas going around.  Esther

Dawn dell'Aria-498915 1425930110

Yes - please, please - the sooner, the better!!  I am in Puissalicon, a half hour drive from Beziers

and cannot manage a 10:00am social meeting in Pezenas with the  Tuesday club.  Not an easy

time of the day - a bit too early and being isolated and also handicapped would just love for

a way to meet others..  I feel that there must be many others like myself who find that those

  social events which are currently organized are unfortunately too far away or at inconvenient


 Dawn dell'Aria 

Maisonstournesol.filesharing 1426490723

Good Morning,

If anyone is interested in our winter-Monday morning friendly club then all you have to do is come over to NIZAS.  Nizas is situated neear Pezenas/Caux/roujan/Addissan.

The meeting is held at the cafe because they serve good coffee and the owners recognise everyone and know the type of coffee they like. 10:00 am Every Monday till the end of June.  Restart end August.

It is easy to find the café as it is in the village suqare.

Come all.  All Welcome.



Dawn dell'Aria-498915 1426496045

Hello!  Wherre is your village!  Cannot come until after I leave hospital mid-April.  would appreciate

more details.  Thank you.


romakayak 1426499604

Well, the original title to this thread was Béziers Anglophone Coffee Morning but it has been diverted.

However, I admit defeat because there are so few Anglophones in Béziers and after living here for a couple of months I can understand why.

Dawn dell'Aria-498915 1426499814

Dear romaakayak,

Don't give up -  there a re many expats in outlyiong villages, like myself, who would come into

Beziers. Am looking forward to the fruit of your endeavours!  How about an ad in

BBBMidi or post an ad on Ladies of Languedoc?


Shobha 1428689538


If this does happen I would be interested. I am just buying an appartment in Beziers and would be to-ing and fro-ing between Beziers and London. I am next in Beziers and free for coffee/tea on Friday 24th April

Attleboro 1428750949

Wondering why you made the remark about Bezieres?  

potter-493265 1428859262

A very good idea . Plenty of Brits in and around Beziers.Pezenas is too far. Would suggest a Friday morn as lots of people visit the market  (produce end) and there is a nice little caf. On the corner. parking is also a bit cheaper that end too. I  am surprised how much parking charges have gone up in the town with very limited time to do anything. A god pub would be even better if one existed! Regards and best wishes

macdonald-880773 1428900263

I would come into Beziers, and be happy to have a little chat with anyone around the Beziers area,I still find it difficult to speak French although I understand a lot more now.its quite nice to meet up and see how others are getting on living here.i do not have a car, but can bus in , only takes ten minutes.

Shobha 1428956947


I will be at Bar de la Comedie 26 Allees Paul Riquet on Friday 24th April at 11am if anyone would care to join me for a coffee and a chat. 

As I am in the process of buying would love to meet some people who have already done it.

Hopefully see some of you then.

romakayak 1428958946

Yes, we will be there. That's me, romakayak and my mother who is staying here for two. In Séte we have a coffee morning as part of the AGLR Séte organisation and we all help each other by exchanging ideas or in my case repairing just about anything.

macdonald-880773 1428966501

I am away back to Scotland on Wednesday, so will miss the coffee at the Comedie bar, let me know if you are meeting again

Shobha 1429118012


I will be over again sometime in June to complete on my apartment. Will keep you informed.

Where in Scotland are you going? I'm going to a wedding not far from Aberdeen in May. Have a good trip.

josette-113814 1429526026

I would be interested but can' t commit to every week; I live near Lamalou les Bains and could come once a month or every other week. There are many English speakers in the area. 


Shobha 1429528282

Hi Josette

I will only be doing it randomly as I don't live there yet. Might be an idea for people to say when they will be around and meet up on an ad hoc basis

macdonald-880773 1429530311

I am between Glasgow and Edinburgh,Falkirk

macdonald-483530 1429730807

macdonald no:2

Excellent idea.Will certainly try to be there on Friday

romakayak 1429741579

Well, we'll be there and don't forget there is a huge flower and plant fair on allee Paul ricquet.

Shobha 1429742151


I will definitely be there on Friday. Have just arrived in Beziers this evening. Looking forward to it.


macdonald-483530 1429911743

Many thanks for a very pleasant hour this morning.Hope we can repeat it and perhaps some more may join us.

romakayak 1429951620

Yes, hopefully it can be a regular fixture on a Friday morning.

Just for others, five of us turned up at the comodie bar 26 allee Paul ricquets.

Midgeecro 1430402761

Hi, I'm sure there must be more than one or two expats in Beziers. I have been living here since last September so I would come and meet up for a coffee on the Allees sometime with some English speaking  ex pats. Love to!


macdonald-880773 1430453805

Anyone going to the Comedie bar on Friday,first of May? I live in Villeneuve and I have my mother over here for a holiday for the month of May.we could nip in around 12.30, after the market.

macdonald-483530 1430481511

Macdonald no.2.   Sorry couldn`t manage 1st May. Was hoping to meet the other Macdonald too! Could probably manage next friday 8th if anyone is interested.



romakayak 1430499943

If I am alive, well ish, not working I'll be there friday8 the 11am.

Midgeecro 1430502368

I'll drop by as well on the 8th if I can. I have to drive someone to the airport that day but not sure what time their flight is. Hopefully not around coffee time.



romakayak 1431031653

I'll be there again at 11am, same place.

macdonald-880773 1431056995

I will be in bordeaux on Friday, so need to be next week,hopefully meet soon

romakayak 1432027388

So far so good, the coffee morning that is. So i will be there again same place at 11, friday 22nd.

I was thinking of a trying to form a Béziers  Anglophone group, BAG, where we could perhaps call on each other for help from where to have this done, that done, english speaking doctors, dentists and all the things we take for granted when we are back in our own countries.

For example; does anyone know where there is an English speaking doctor here in Béziers or where to go hiking around here. 

Just an idea!

macdonald-880773 1432044585

Good idea, I think I will come on friday

romakayak 1432251006

Friday 11 am at Bar de la Comedie 26 Allees Paul Riquet . Tomorrows subjects, how to get hospital treatment without insurance, done it twice! How to paint a three floor house without a ladder, how to repair a roller shutter blind that has no slats and how to fix windows so they close properly when the frames are out of square.

Denise 16 1432540909

Hi Just arrived last week I live in Magalas. Do you still have coffee in Pezenas? I would love to join Feeling rather lonely.


Denise 16 1432541035

Hi Dawn

I just moved into Magalas last week. Looking to meet others. Have you attended any of the coffees? I would love to find out about social gatherings.

Thanks in advance


macdonald-880773 1432543440

Hello not managed to get to the Comedie bar on Friday 22nd, but after another trip to Scotland I will be back and am eager to meet up for a chat, after the 17thjune, have been to Pezenas recently and it's a very interesting place, meet up soon I hope!

kiff_wlm 1432738224

We are (early) retirees living in Agde town  and would like to meet some english speaking people.  We haven't found any groups/clubs so far.  We too struggle with Pezenas by 10:00. Something in Beziers could work for us


Maggy and Eric



macdonald-880773 1432812577

I live in Villeneuve las beziers, and go into beziers often, by bus, it's easier. I am keen to meet up for chats, the more friends the better.

i am an artist, from Scotland, living alone but I think friends are important, my email is sharonartwork@msn.com, my name is sharon macdonald

MeganRosen 1432992960


I’m glad to find you all. I too am looking for a group of English speaking people learning to speak French that live near Beziers and Toulouse area. 

I am from the US, living part time in Minneapolis, London with my boyfriend and in Beziers. I will be arriving in France June 1 and will be staying with my boyfriend’s family that live in that area in France. I will be living there from June-July and back in August.

I speak very little French and would love to learn to speak it fluently with other English speaking people in that area since the family I’m staying with doesn't speak English. 

My other interests besides learning French is, sailing, snowboarding, photography, painting, pottery, volleyball, football(soccer), running, swimming, cooking, wine and lots more!

I would love to meet you all on Monday for coffee when I arrive as I will have access to a car! Please email me at mrosenberger7@gmail.com of the time and place, as I'm looking forward to meeting new friends.



dianaadler 1433188898

I would go, but I'm in Frontignan ... new to the area ... and still a bit scared of getting lost.


dianaadler 1433189050

Where in Sete?  I get lost there, too, but at least Sete is closer than Beziers.



romakayak 1433232954

There is an Anglophone coffee morning in Séte every Thursday morning at 10 o'Clock.

The address is brasserie Victor Hugo on Avenue Victor Hugo which is directly opposite Séte train station. Ask for Patricia. From frontignan you just drive to the big tree lined Avenue that runs from the station. If you take the train from Frontignan then Séte is the next stop going west, the station will say Séte. Cross the canal and find the theatre, it's next to the theatre.

Meeting those people especially Patricia will be a landmark moment because Sete has an anglophone group and Patricia is a key member that knows everything, second to me that is!

macdonald-880773 1433262581

I get lost too but if a lot of us meet ,we will be fine, Beziers is no problem for me

romakayak 1433263242

I will be at the coffee morning cafe on friday 11 am and sat outside I will be at Bar de la Comedie 26 Allees Paul Riquet on Friday5th june. Subjects of conversation, how to get a hernia repaiered cheaply and where to go sailing and sea kayaking.

kiff_wlm 1433266459

Hi, sounds interesting but we can't add much to the topics! I will wear grey shorts and blue tee shirt, or sunglasses and carrying the times (as in all good spy novels)

romakayak 1433494502

Just a reminder, some of us will be at the coffee morning, 26 allee Paul Ricquet this morning,11 am.

All going well the pollen problem has stopped.

Allan Witchell-485557 1436876162

Hi everyone, can't believe this topic made such a buzz. I've lived in Béziers town centre for over 25 years and there are plenty of Brits living in Béziers. Just be patient and they will all crawl out of the woodwork sooner or later.

macdonald-880773 1436892945

Anyone be there next Friday, I don't know who to look for

romakayak 1436899873

I will be away for a few days and won't be able to attend this coming Friday. It's really a case of anyone putting onto this forum their intention to attend and then hoping others will turn up, as they have done so far

Shobha 1460195987

Hi all. I will be in Beziers next week, but as I leave on Friday morning wondered if anyone was around Wed 13th morning for a coffee. I will be at La Comedie at 11am.

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