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Hi all,We used to have our own canal boat in the UK so are experienced in boat handling. We both really fancy a holiday on the canal du midi but would consider other waterways, on checking the many hire companies they all seem very expensive, so does anyone know if a friend or relative rent our their boat private?

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Baigie 1461920455

Hi D&G,
we are the same and have a timeshare boat in the UK. We would be interested if you do come across private renters and we will let you know if we do too. We live right on the Canal du Midi so I always keep an eye out when walking and chatting to boaters. Good luck.

dandg-562724 1461920975

Hi Baigie,
If we do find a private hire we will let you know for sure, I envy your new location very nice, at least you will be getting some sun? We live in the highest village in Wales called Bwlchgwyn and have woken up to snow, mad
Geoff and Denise

babyrhino 1461939271

We once bumped into some people in a canal side bar ( as you do!) who were on a British narrow boat that they and some other couples had as a timeshare down here. Not sure if they would have spare capacity or be willing to rent out but the boat was based in Carcassonne and I believe that the club's home base was Wigan. Might be able to find out details again if that is of any interest but can't promise.


babyrhino 1461940736

I think this is the same one but it looks like an option anyway - go to, they are advertising a seventh share for sale.


ValDa (Aude) 1462432243

There are often private boats moored alongside the Canal du Midi - with offers of rentals being available. I don't know whether they are any cheaper than the large hiring companies. I'll have a look next time we're walking down that way.

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