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Sue Quirk



I have only been in Carcassonne for a few months and don't know anyone living here. Have friends round and about but no-one in the town. Are there any regular meet-ups/walking groups of English speakers that I could join? I am a fifty something single woman here till next summer and interested in all sorts. Sue

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Jill May 1288607430

Try joining the local AVF - association for newcomers to the area - 30 euros per year to participate in many social activities. Registration is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at their offices 'Place des Anciens Combattants Carcassonne Tel 0468 726824 email

AlannaB 1295204737


I'm an Irish woman and have been living in Carcassonne for a year, and haven't met that many people yet as I work from home!We could meet up for a coffee in town some day if you like!

Trish-496092 1295253267

Hi Sue,

I live close to Carcassonne, I have also been here a relatively short period of time. My husband works abroad so I often find myself at a loose end. I would enjoy meeting up to walk and chat and have coffee, and perhaps explore the local area and what it has to offer.

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