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Hi I'm moving to a village near Beziers in September and I'm looking for a gym. I'm after something with the usual exercise equipment but not the crazy bodybuilders. I'm a mum of two small children and go to the gym as an escape not to build muscle. So if anyone knows of a friendly gym in the area, I'd love to know? Thanks

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Debbie B-482862 1243437974

which village are you moving to? Pezenas has got a nice gym center in "les rodettes".

emmam-486507 1244838335

I'm moving to Colombiers, so any where within a 20/30 minute drive really.

Allan Witchell-485557 1246015617

Hello Emmam, there are of course plenty of gyms in Béziers but there is also one in Montady which is only a five minute drive from your place.

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