local golfing society ??

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I don't know if one exists or not near beziers where i live but if not I thought it may be worthwhile to start one .. I am a now and again golfer, not a club member ( though have been in Uk)and as i enjoy a round for the social side as well as the sport  I thought others in the area may wish to play a round occasionally with people they as of now don't know ,but maybe once a month get together and have a game with new people and make new friends at the same time . I know there must be people with partners who don't play and are maybe looking for others who do, so if you fancy a round then contact me and we shall see if there's much interest , you don't have to be a low handicapper or anything but just be able to get round the course and have good etiquette so that others enjoy playing with you , any golfer will know what i mean

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RGelYesDoc 1456602284

Have you tried Golf St. Thomas? I think they have a pretty active english speaking society that plays on a wednesday - I'm sure you'll fine suitable people through them.  Richard

djjeff4u 1456602589

thanks for the reply, but i was more thinking of instead of the same old same club set up same day same faces that we get in uk , more a set up of exploring different courses with different people , if it isnt to be fair enough  but that is what i was thinking

RGelYesDoc 1461099906

That sounds interesting!! I have brought mates out here and we have explored and played various courses around the area - Carcassonne, Cap d'Agde, Mazamet etc. I would be up to do the same with some local potential friends BUT I won't be living here full time till September 2017. If you're still looking for golf buddies then, please get back in touch.

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