Martial arts in Béziers

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I am a member of the Béziers Viet Vo Dao club and our 09/10 season start on Wednesday September 16th at 7:45pm. Viet Vo Dao is a non-combat martial art with the emphasis on correct breathing, balance and coordination. There is no intentional contact (accidents do happen in any sport) so it is ideal for persons of all ages and half the club members are women who would not be practicing this art if there was a risk of physical injury. All lessons are given in French by qualified instructors and all members (except me) are French so it's a great way of keeping fit, learning French and getting to know the French all at the same time. I would even like to say its an opportunity to hit a Frenchman if ever you have fealt the desire but unfortunately, as I mentioned above, you can't hit anyone. I've been doing it for 15 years and its been a great experience. Contact me if you are interested and I'll give you more details Allan

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