Personal Trainer Wanted.

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Have never lost the baby weight and its now or never, though am terrible in disciplining myself to exercise and am not sure what I need to do to get to my target weight in allotted time. Need help planning it into my life and a good kick up the backside to do it!!! So, mm looking for a personal trainer in the Narbonne area, could be someone anywhere around Narbonne, Lezignan, Coursan, Argeliers etc. Wanted for about 4 hour long sessions a week, but open to discussion. Reasonable rates required. Couuld be someone French as well as English as I speak good French. Would like to start in a couple of weeks. If anyone knows of anyone, please let me know. Thanks v much.

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I am looking for a personal trainer as well in the Narbonne region as I need to shed weight after and ankle injury which has left me unable to much exercise other then a gentle cycle or aquagym and the pounds just pile on! If you do find one I am quite willing to consider sharing the cost of an hour's session if you like. If not, perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know if you do find someone. I live in narbonne-plage. Good luck, Janine

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