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I have a second property in the Beziers area and need information about ski resorts which are closest to Beziers which are used to English speaking visitors. Thank you for your time Ivan

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Allan Witchell-485557 1230048701

Hello Ivan,

I live in Béziers and even though the pyrenees are closer, the guarantee of having good snow is definately higher in the southern Alps and its only one hour more driving time. English is spoken at almost all ski resorts, so you have nothing to worry about there. I recently heard a report that ten thousand (yes thousand) young Brits work all over the Als during the winter season. There are plenty of British ski instructors and I even went into a bar in Courchevel last year and the barman couldn't speak French so and I had to translate for my French friends (in France). I don't have to tell you how much they appreciated that!



Tom&Ger-482523 1230076406

I drove from Bessan to Chamonix during the summer and it took 5 1/2 hours with 1/2 hour break. Thats about as high as you get and there are plenty of resorts nearer.

heraultman 1231164151

Hi Ivan

I too live close to Beziers and the closest resort is Les Angles which is about 2 1/4 hours drive. Quite a good lift system with reasonable amout of runs and many English there...... also good snow everywhere at the moment can check it out here....

Been there a few times for day trips.... so don't know about accommodation. But infinitely closer than the Alps.....:-)

If you fancy a trip there when you are over drop me a line....


Ivan Shannon 1231888922

Thanks Graham,

Thinking about heading over for the mid-term with my son in February, friends have been in Les Angles just after Christmas and had a great time. Might be able to get two days in.

Thanks for the link.



adele swann 1231928509

we've also visited Les Angles and Font Romeu for day trips from Beziers, and we drove to pas de la casa in Andorra last week. The drive to Pas took almost 4 hours due to the snow on the road, usually it takes 3 hours from Beziers. We stayed over at Pas, at the Hotel Central for 77 euros per room BB.

If you want to stay overnight in the Les Angles/Font Romeu area Font Romeu has a good choice of hotels, or try Bolquere just before Font Romeu

And yes the snow conditins this year are fantastic so there's really no need to drive to the Alps

Adele & Iain

Ivan Shannon 1232368874

Hello Adele & Iain,

Thank-you for your reply and the information contained. I will be heading over in mid February with my son both of us are very new to skiing. I am presuming there is plenty for beginners and I believe that the French schools are on holidays in February so will it make any difference going mid week or at the weekend?

Thanks again,


adele swann 1232369508

Hi Ivan, I would go mid week if possible, you'll avoid the 'weekend warriors'

I think for beginners head to Font Romeu, they have a lot of green runs. We're going to the mountains quite a lot in these next coming weeks, and we'll be staying overnight next week so I'll have more info then if you want to contact me closer the time?


Adele & Iain

Ivan Shannon 1233685337

Hi Folks,

It looks like my son and I will travel to Les Angles from Beziers on Wednesday to ski on Thursday to return for the airport on the Friday 20th February, weather permitting. I hope to find a twin room close to the slopes with parking. If the weather is poor in Beziers I might head off earlier and get two days. My French is poor so I have to hope that the ski hire and hotels have good English.

Hope to hear from you,


rogerb-488853 1233791509

Formiguere, just beyond Les Angles, is smaller but quieter and has some nice runs through the trees. We also have been once to La Molina in Spain, only about 45 minutes further away than Les Angles, and not far from Puigcerda, but a large and impressive ski area.


adele swann 1233793147

Hi Ivan, we spent a really good couple of days in the Pyrenees last week. We drove to Pyrenees 2000, skied there the day then booked into a hotel in Font Romeu. (68 euros for 2 with a good free breakfast) The following day we drove to Puigmal which is a fantastic resort but not for beginners!

We always make a point of avoiding school holidays so I can't comment on how busy the resorts/hotels may be, but as we were driving back last Friday evening there seemed a lot of traffic travelling in the opposite direction.

It's also worth remembering the guys at the tourist office in Les Angles speak English and should be able to help you.

Have fun!

Adele, France and Beyond

Ivan Shannon 1233844187


There is not much availability of accommodation in the Les Angles on-line. Looking at Fort Romeu for both skiing and accommodation. Only beginners and for one full day so should be fine, I hope.

Ivan Shannon 1233844345


Thanks for your message, it is only for a day maybe two and we are both beginners but I like to be sure I will fine accommodation and suitable slopes



adele swann 1233845975

Ok, so as you drive into Font Romeu there is a free multi storey car park on the left. We stayed at the hotel opposite, le Regina, the rooms were basic but plenty of hot water and a good breakfast. They charge 68 euros for a room for 2, breakfast was free for us as low season but during Feb it should cost about 5 euros each. From here you can walk to the shops/restaurants and it's just a few minutes walk to the cable car, which takes you straight to the beginner area.

hotels web site and another just a few doors up, similar price is

Hope this helps

Adele & Iain

Kookaburra-491999 1252316528

Maybe I've come a little late on this thread, but I feel I have to put in my tuppence worth - I am an Australian full qualified ski instructor who came to France originally back in 1983 to train French ski instructors as I specialise in bio-mechanics. I worked at Les Arcs 1800 for 2 months every year until 1991 (as well as spending some time at Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Homewood, Diamond Peak ... in the U.S.A. each year before getting to France).

We still spend 3-4 weeks every year at Valandry/Les Arcs and as we live between Narbonne and Carcassonne, we also ski at Bonasque Just above Ax les Thermes which, in my opinion, provides some of the best skiing in the Pyrenees with more reliable snow and usually a longer season than most others (we skiied at Easter this year). We have skiied at most of the other resorts in the Pyrenees including Font Romeu ((reasonable slopes and unhelpful staff and big crowds especially from Spain), Les Angles (not bad skiing but very over-crowded during holidays and most weekends, expensive accommodation and don't forget the chains), ....... whereas the staff at Bonnasque are unbelievably helpfull and pleasant, the facilities are very good, there are in fact 2 resorts combined into one whcih gives good skiing for every ability, the ski school is excellent, and there's loads of accommodation, and the ski passes are fair and reasonable. Off-mountain accommodation is available in the township and a gondola lift to the resort from centre of town makes arrival on the snow extremely easy.

For the Alps, try the resort of Valandry which connects to les Arcs 1400, Les Arcs 1600, Les Arcs 1800, Les Arcs 2000, La Plagne, ...... etc., with loads of accommodation available in the resorts as well as in the surrounding towns such as Bourg St. Maurice but even better and less expensive, try Peisey Nancroix which is only an easy 5 minute drive from the lifts at Valandry from where you can ski something like 57,000 acres of excellent snow.

No trouble with English language as 99% of the instructors speak English (for many of whom I organised work in Australia, Canada, and America when I was organising the instructor exchange programmes for the APSI and ISIA some years ago). Resort facilities always have English speaking staff but please remember that it is polite to try your hardest with their language also.

Hope the above is useful. If you want to talk with me send me an email and I'll help where I can. My son is 10 y.o. and is now at competition training level but we often take friends with us who are intermediate skiers and have kids from beginners to higher abilities.

For summer when the snow turns to hard brown, I also train kids in karting at Lavelanet and Carcassonne.


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