Tour de France

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I am hoping to take my family to see the Tour on Wednesday, I have checked the route map and the time schedule but does anybody know of a good spot to watch the race, is it better to be in a village or just along the roadside? I will be coming from Carcassonne, so ideally would like to view it before it goes too far down towards Perpignan. Any suggestions or tips would be most welcome.many thanksJo

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Sorry, I just saw your post. It's too late to respond, but for future reference... watching from a village is nice as you're sheltered from the sun and may be able to find a cafe that is showing the Tour on the TV. But if you can find an uphill spot on the roadside you'll get to see a bit more of the riders (though they will be flying by very quickly).

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The tour passed through our village last year and it was an amazing atmosphere, the tour itself passes through very quickly but there are a couple of hours build up beforehand with all the advertising vehicles coming through first throwing out vairios freebies - watching will probably be better in a village atmosphere than just on the side of a road somewhere.

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