Who is the best rugby team?

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England equal All Blacks world record for consecutive victories but they say we are still not as good as them - possibly not,  but we won't know as they won't play us! Nothing scheduled until November next year so it is all a bit hypothetical really.What result are people tipping for next weekend in Ireland?

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Chef-492743 1489432226

Well let's see , Ireland v England , St Patrick's weekend in Dublin and a chance to spoil the record . 

ithacar-ithacar-895397 1489511316

Very true and they have nothing to lose as they are already out of the running for the championship so will give it a good go but I think this England team are pretty resilient. 

Need to play better than in most games this Six nations though!

Chef-492743 1489513206

We just need to imagine that we are playing the All Blacks again .

ithacar-ithacar-895397 1489584280

But presumably you did that the second time you played them and it didn't work!

If you believe all the hype it will be like playing the All Blacks again but we'll know come Saturday evening - roll on the match!

chèvrefeuille 1489616966

How can the England Ireland game spoil the record? The record stands at 18 games unbeaten a feat jointly held by England and New Zealand. If Ireland win at the weekend they won't stop England holding the record they will just prevent them from extending their run and being the sole record holder. Mind you Cyprus mus be fed up as they had a much longer unbeaten run but were told theirs does not count.

R-macon-873470 1489884268

The best team is who wins and we saw that yesterday...

Chef-492743 1489908919

Dublin Fire Brigade have reported a major traffic accident in the Lansdowne area of Dublin , the wheels have fallen off a chariot and celebrations are ongoing .

ithacar-ithacar-895397 1489917902

Nice one Chef!

The best team won the game yesterday, definitely, but the media get fixated about Grand Slams and forget that there is actually a Championship to be won - which England duly did. Grand Slams are very hard - that's why there are not that many of them.

Elvis-Presley 1489999518

Best "entertainment" of the weekend was the last 20 minutes of the France v Wales game - ie those minutes between 80 and 100! The clock stopped at 99 minutes and 55 seconds as nobody would have thought that it needed to register 100+.

A good laugh but not a great advert for the integrity of the game - Atonio says he is fine but Doctor comes on and tries to take him off without giving a particular reason until Wayne Barnes asks if he has a head injury. Surprise, surprise Doctor now confirms that is the case.

ithacar-ithacar-895397 1490008457

Apparently the duration of the whole match if you count the time that the clock was stopped was 122 minutes - a game and a half!

And the French argued that the referee's conversation with Atonio could have been lost in translation - he is a New Zealander!

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