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Hi, Can anyone recommend any drop in yoga classes in the carcassonne/trebes area? I have a holiday house and am looking to be able to continue my yoga exercise whilst one our many visits. thanks, Katie

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countrydancer 1301329033

If you are prepared to travel to Lezignan Corbieres there is a great gym called PowerForm that does Yoga/meditation classes. The sessions are expensive as it is a pass to the gym for the day (sauna/steam room) but I buy a card of pre-loaded sessions..the more you buy the cheaper it is. I got the most...15 sessions for 60 euros but you can also get 10 for 50. There is no expiry date so you can use them whenever you like. I started a few weeks ago doing zumba and have since tried every class they do...all the instsructors have been amazing...and as a ex-instructor myself I should know! Give it a try...they give you the first session gratuit!! Good luck

Ravensk1 1301329710

That's great! Thanks - I will definitely give it a try when I am over at Easter. x

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