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Can anyone in the Argeles-sur-mer/St. Andre area give me some guitar (not electric) lessons, say, 1-2 hours per week? Have basic knowledge but need some help to progress for own personal enjoyment, jazz, blues etc. daytime or evening, starting as soon as possible, any lessons better than none! Jenny Castle.

started by: MarkAndJen · last update: 1214225508 · posted: 1214214808

Does anybody know if the Tour de France is coming throught the region again this year? must be pretty soon.

started by: Allan Witchell-485557 · last update: 1213987282 · posted: 1213987282

The Béziers Pirates have been playing in the French baseball league since 1985. We have 2 senior baseball teams, 1 softball team, 1 junior team and have played many visiting foreign teams over the years. If you want to play baseball or softball in our area, let me know and I'll give you the practice times.

started by: Thraz · last update: 1213221107 · posted: 1196628680

Hello, I am looking for shotokan karate practitioners in the Minerve / Saint Pons area for the summer. I emailed a couple of clubs in Narbonne and Saint Pons looking for an instructor but no responses. Does anyone know an instructor or how I might go about finding one? Thanks.

started by: Lizzie688-482637 · last update: 1212929393 · posted: 1204052018

Does anyone know the contact details for this please ? I believe its the 2nd Sunday of each month but can't find any other info. Thanks.

started by: griselda-484131 · last update: 1211795625 · posted: 1211795625

Anyone out there in the Ceret, Le Boulou, Vallespir area or within a 30 km radius of Le Boulou, who would play squash if there was a club nearby? A friend is thinking of building squash courts and creating a Private squash club with gym, in the area and was wondering how much interest there would be from the English residents ( or maybe people with holiday properties whose guests might be interested).

started by: eddyh-484671 · last update: 1211734140 · posted: 1211448500

We have friends coming to us soon and one is a keen windsurfer. Does anyone know where we can hire windsurfers somewhere between La Grande Motte and Cap d'Agde ? Preferably on the Etang de Thau. Thanks

started by: suffolk dilly · last update: 1210168178 · posted: 1210017457

Have just bought a new mobile home in Argeles-can anyone recommend some good fishing spots sea/river/lake. Thanks Davedave

started by: captain grant-485150 · last update: 1207731267 · posted: 1207676745

Shares are available in La Gitane Barge Project, to restore to her former glory a 1901 steel hulled Klipper, to be based on the Canal du Midi near to the Minervois region of S.France. An excellent alternative to buying a holiday home and any running costs you can think of, will be shared. A management service will also be available to take the hassle out of barge ownership. Tend to repairs, maintenance, change overs etc.. etc. La Gitane is 16m long x 3.65m wide and wiil make a beautiful two cabined luxury barge, more a home than a boat. Anyone interested ? grant

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can anyone tell me where we can watch the rangers v celtic game on tv in the ceret amile region on the 27th april

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Does anyone know who to contact to get the correct information on the following or perhaps know the answer. How long can a uk flagged commercially endorsed sailing yacht operate for a uk business in French waters. Any help wopuld be gratefully received.Honor Poole

started by: des jumeaux-485084 · last update: 1207217753 · posted: 1207151742

We are looking for a 4 berth cabin cruiser, does anyone have any information on brokers or agents in the area please. Thanks

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pm21/22/23/24 March 2008New boatsUsed boatsEquipmentMiscellaneousPark & Ride servicewww.lesnautiques.com

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Does anyone know where I can find a good selection of scrapbooking supplies? Preferably Beziers / Narbonne area. I have already sourced very good aerosol glues and finishes, but now need the paper etc.

started by: sueforrester · last update: 1203341111 · posted: 1203341111

I am intersted in hiring a camping car.   Anyone know where around Narbonne or Carcassonnne area and what cost can I expect?

started by: lordy70-484755 · last update: 1203263691 · posted: 1203263691

Hi I would like to holiday in the soth france region a lot more often and I am looking for a site which I can use. I would either like to buy a cheap static caravan or bring my touring caravan and keep it on site. Or, I could keep everything in storage and use them when I come over. Alternatively, I could bring a tent each time and camp. I have a powerboat and want to do water sports such as water skiing, so I would need somewhere to keep my boat also. This could be on site, or in storage elsewhere, or on the water permanently in a lake or a sea mooring.. Could you please offer some help and advice for me. Many thanks Alan Alan

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Fishing advice I am a keen fisherman and enjoy all styles of fishing. I am moving to Le Boulou, near Perpignan in a few weeks and would appreciate any advice or tips on fishing the local areas, rivers, sea and lakes. Also if anyone knows any clubs or associations I could join that would be of interest too please, either English or French speaking associations would be fine. Thanks Mshaw

started by: AngieD-484690 · last update: 1202429176 · posted: 1202429176

Any fellow boaters out there I've put some pics on this site of last summer en Charente: http://community.webshots.com/user/angeladarlington Best wishes Angela http://www.myspace.com/chewtheroots http://www.myspace.com/chewtheroots

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Sheffielders get everywhere when it comes to fishing.I have a place in Nissan between Narbonne/Beziers. I have been working on the place for the last 18 months,and its nearly done(phew).I was sat in a restaurant this summer at Columbiers that backed onto the Middi canal The waiter gave us some bread to feed the resident ducks.The ducks were in competition with the carp. Big wild commons,weight(educated guess)15 18 pounds It was in an area which also houses the boats at night.Do the French fish the middy with any intent on catching a fish or as it appears sit down with a bottle and use the day chilling out. any info either coarse or game would be much appreciated Martyn

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Are there any Crib or Whist gatherings in the Albere area that I could join?? Please advise!

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