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Wanted- 15 to 20 ft Day sailer. Up to 6 hp Engine.We live in Le Bacares, near Perpignan.Any help would be appreciated.

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I am looking for a sailing boat up to 7 metres long with a centre-board or drop-keel.1990 onwards and in good condition.

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In case you are bored with another bank holiday, there is an international Extreme Sports competition going on on the River Lez, Montpellier, for 4 days. Skate boards, BMX, Snow boards (don't ask!) etc etc, with what looks like cameras, amplified commentaries beer tents, tented village etc. Good time for us to go see the countryside methinks!! Enjoy.This is in addition to Swing Dance, Hip Hop and Show Jumping all I think the same weekend - Montpellier never sleeps it seems. We won't!!Happy hols! GrannyFi

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Hi does anyone know whether there is a dry berthing facility in the area? ,I've currently got a boat at "port inland" near Cannes ,but hope to bring it west closer to the marseille area.

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Is the Tour de France coming our way this Summer? It is quite a funny day out when the whole circus arrives in town...

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Myself and my wife will be spending 5 weeks or so in the Feines Minervois area ,in Sept /Oct/Nov this year, property spotting, I would also like to spend some time fishing the rivers or lakes....Coarse fishing, Barbel, Carp, etc.I do not seem to be able to find out what general licence is required, and when the seasons start / end...I would not want to get into trouble with the local authorities..if anybody could assist I would be very grateful. I have heard that there are some top class waters available in the area,and would like to meet up with anybody local who has a similar interest,and could give me some basic tips. Once again, many thanks. David. David/Ruth

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We will soon be completing on our purchase of a holiday home on the Aude/PO borders. My husband is a keen fresh water angler we seem to be able to find information on trout fishing in the region there is very little else about other species. He is particularly interested to find out whether there are Catfish or Barbel in the larger rivers of the area. That said any tips ideas locations for successful fishing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Sue

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Hi there, I have spent many years working for a large international brokerage doing grp repairs also service and warranty issues on boats up to 60 feet (power and sail). Now we have moved to France I am available to advise, repair and assist in any technical issues anyone may have. I can also help out with interpreting, or organising surveys and gardiennage etc. My wife and I also offer a very reliable and professional delivery service and also instruction. see www.honorboat.co.uk for more details Regards Will Poole email sailing@pyreneespastimes.com www.pyreneespastimes.com

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My girlfriend and I have decided to make a bit more effort to stay fit and so have decided to invest in a couple of bikes. Ideally, we would like one full suspension and one hardtail but if it's a good deal, we're not all that fussy. Please let me know if you have a bike for sale. Thanks (",)

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Still some tickets for sale for matches next September but could not get any for Australia/Fidji....all sold out! Hurry up if you are a Rugby Fan! Bookings are at www.france2007.fr Cheers

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We have heard of Fontromeu....any advice for a cheap and close place to go skiing? Thanks all!

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I’ve just returned to France after an amazing 2 year voyage with my father on his Bavaria 38. I sailed with him from the Eastern Caribbean to Thailand. I would love to talk to my friends about the adventures that I’ve had but they all think that I’m making it up and won’t listen to me! If anyone is thinking of setting off on a similar adventure and would like to know more about what to expect I would be delighted to tell you about my experiences and try to answer any questions that you may have. During my time on the boat we overcame a huge and diverse array of problems and I feel that I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that I would like to share with others. Somebody said to me once “It’s not your ability to sail a boat that will get you around the world; it’s your ability to anticipate problems and fix things when they go wrong!” I agree, wholeheartedly.(",)

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My daughter and her family are considering moving to the area in the future (myself and young son live in Limoux) and she is trying to gather as much info as possible. Her son of 9 years of age is a particularly gifted football player and presently attends a private academy in the UK where these clubs are popular. Does anyone know of anywhere here where he could continue with his passion for the game? It would be a shame to waste his potential. Sadabbott

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I hear Barthez is returning to football. Great for Nantes, but what if he rejoins the French team? Good idea?

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Hi I tend to put on weight at Christmas. This year my partner and I have decided to try and stay active. I don't fancy going to a gymn. Any ideas for keeping trim?

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Could you please recommend us a good ski resort in Languedoc Roussillon for a family of 4 . We have 2 children of 7 and 9 years old. We are looking for a place to go in march Thanks if you can help, Best Regards, Rosemarie    

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hi i have a motor cruiser and a berth in st cyprien for sale, the boat is a motor cruiser 7.9 meters long. it has 2x260 mercruiser petrol engines (300 hours running time) 6 berth, shower, cooker, fridge, shore power. it was built in 1989 and is in very good condition. the berth is for a boat up to 9.5 and is valid until 2019. i am selling them as a package, photos to follow. contact me for further details, johnjohn scally

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My partner and I have recently moved to the Perpignan area in the South of France. My partner is an elite cyclist in the UK and is looking for a training partner. Does anyone know of anyone near by?

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I was rather an avid golfer in the UK, I'm down here with my wife at the moment and I'd really like to a) have a couple of lessons with an english speaking golf instructor to get my swing back and b) go out for eighteen holes somewhere in the area near perpignan. anyone have any ideas?

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Being such a waterbaby i'd love to learn how to sail, it looks so peaceful and relaxing, does anyone know where i could learn this from? do i have to work towards any qualifications? any ideas of costs?

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