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Did Perpignan win last night? We missed it and I can;t find the score anywhere.

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Right I've never been boating on the sea, well apart from ferries across the Channel, so I wondered what was the best way to learn and where? I've got spare time and thought it would a way of getting away from it all occasionally. I'm between Narbonne and Beziers.

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does anyone know any dive centres or courses where i can take my padi - hopefully going to the bahamas in august and want to learn to dive before i go!

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With the World Cup coming up >>>> is there any places in St Cyprien or Argeles where one could watch the games with fellow lovers of the beautiful game??? Also where to watch premiership games around here?   I have my Sky hooked up but sometimes you want to watch a game with a few other nutters - same for Rugby - Ryder Cup - etc etc   Cheers

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Hi, we have a house in the foothills of the montagne noir. I keep toying with the idea of running a trekking venture, have the guests stay at the property and then either have a yard in the mountains and take everyone camping on horseback. can anyone help me out with some of the questions below please? any info would be appreciated. we've found out how difficult and almost penalising the french are if you start your own business, but it was quality of life we were after not profit! a] what is equestrian access like in the mountains? b] how tight are the regulations on equestrian ventures, licences, insurance, certificates, anything the french can dream of! c] generally how much would a yard with some grazing or stabling cost in or around the montagne noir? maybe 10 acres or so, obviously a renovation project. so an old barn with ten acres   any help gratefully received!

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I'm interested in joing a football club in the area, anyone know of any teams? specifically in the perpignan area?

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We are moving to the region and both my husband and I are keen bowls players. I have researched the sport and can find no clubs at all in France. Is boules a comparable sport? It always seems fun, although a little ore physical perhaps than bowls? How would we join a club?

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Tickets are on sale already: Order forms at all branches of Société Générale Bank! Happy hunting!  

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Can anyone advise which local resort is best for beginners locally, my wife , daughters and I ski, but son (who wishes to be uber kool ) insists on boarding. He is holding his own but finds drag lifts difficult. Someone recommended Limone, but not sure how suitable it is for boarders. Any advice?

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