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Hi, I d love to meet new people especially working women/freelance for a lunch sometimes in the city or near the sea. I live 10km about south Montpellier. I just moved here and i want to keep links with the international community. Hope to find new girl-friends! I am french and can also help with the language. (i lived in the US,Japan and Austria)  

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Hi, I am in beziers and am looking for skiiers  for day or weekend trips to the nearest stations,not as much fun, skiing by yourself!. look forward to your replies, David

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Hi, Is anyone here a knitting fan?  I can find lots of websites offering translation of French knitting patterns. But that's not my problem. I have some English knitting patterns and I want to make sure I'm buying the right type of wool. So what are the French equivalent terms for: 3 ply, 4 ply, double knitting, Aran, chunky etc? I'm itching to get knitting again so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Can anyone tell me where we can at have the match this Saturday? We are making another visit to our prospective purchase and stopping in Limoux  any info gratefully received!! Thanks in advance    

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Anybody tell me the closet and best lakes to fish for Carp near Quillan.     Thanks

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Does anyone have, or know of, gîte-style accommodation for 3 adults + dog within 2 hour's drive of Narbonne, which can be rented for about 3 days? Period required: Between (approx.) December 28 and January 4th. Replies appreciated.

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Having holidayed here off and on for thirty years, I am in the throes of buying somewhere to live on this coast. Many years ago there were dinghys for hire at Port Vendres and dinghys presumably owner-sailed at Argeles. But I don't recall seeing much more recently. I don't have the money or the taste for even a very small gin-palace: is there any small-boat  sailing, with sailsto be had round here? I have no prejudice against enclosed waters, but wouldn't want to drive very far to reach them: if only because that seems agst the spirit of the exercise

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Bonjour a tous! Looking at holidaying near Montpellier this summer and wondered if there are any ports/boats that offer sea fishing trips.  I fish a lot in the UK - usually booking on a charter boat for an 8hr trip - anything similar down your way?  Cordialement.  

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Anyone interested in renting a musical instrument during your holiday? A guitar, banjo, violin, ukulele, an instrument you've never tried? I'm trying to find out if this service would be worth while? So feed back would be welcome. I live in the Minervois.  

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Hi, I'm a keen road cyclist looking for cycle buddies in the Limoux area.  would be great to meet up for rides to explore the area. Andrew 

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Hello I am looking for somewhere to store our caravan when not in use.   We live in Aude, 20 minutes north of Narbonne. Many of the places that do this need 15 days notice to pick it up, which is no use if we decide on impulse to get away. So, if anyone knows somewhere handy that is secure please let me know. Thanks

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A coffee afternoon in the centre of Carcassonne (on the Place Carnot) for any anglophone speakers, expats. The purpose is to meet new friends, to help exchange ideas with each other and to drink coffee or tea. French people are welcome as well but for speaking in English. If you think this would work then please add your thoughts to this thread.

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Hi, i am a moderately enthusiastic road cyclist and enjoy riding and some climbing up into the hills. It would be great if someone out there would like to buddy-up for occasional outings and light training in and around the Céret area. please send me a p.m. if interetested. thanks, john

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Does anyone feel like joining a martial arts club in Béziers? The style is Viet Vo Dao from Vietnam and is a defensive style i.e. no combat, no competitions, just practising the art to improve your physical and mental state. The club has 40 members and we are only two brits at the moment. It's a great way to get to know locals as all lessons are of course in French. Contact me for more details if you are interested.

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Hello. Having recently moved to Pezenas, I wondered whether any joggers out there or regular walkers have any recommendations for safe, relatively flat tracks nearby? Ideally somewhere where I could also take the pram would be great - around 4km or longer would be perfect. We moved from Revel where I used to jog around Lake St Ferreol (4.25km for one lap) - anything similar would be wonderful but not sure if it exists? Thanks so much!

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Hi Does anyone know if there's a list available of Gyms and/or Swimming Pools in the area, I'm thinking of swimming pools that are open all year round rather than just in Summer months. Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks   Ian

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I am about to buy a French registered boat with a place in the port.  It's only 5.5m long and 50cv. please advise the steps I need to take.. I have ICC and inland waterway certificates via RYA.  

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Does anyone know of a club or group of people that are interested in running/jogging in the Dept 11 area near Limoux/Puivert? Would be very pleased to hear any comments

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Hi   Does anyone know of any Running Clubs/Groups in Languedoc-Roussillon?   Thanks   Ian

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New friend in Pezenas - can't find your posting and do not have yor number  Having a soiree in teh very  near future in Puissalicon.  Your'e invited!  Please contact me.   Dawn dell'Aria dawndellaria'hotmail.com.

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