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We have an old windrush caravan which we used to go back and forward to Scotland , now we do not need it but our French friends say we cannot sell as French people are not allowed to tow an English caravan? Has anyone any information to help. i know they are not allowed to tow over a certain weight but surely there is a solution here?

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Looking for an English speaking lady in the Limoux area who wishes to meet up from time to time to play tennis.  If you're interested please let me know.

started by: Alcock · last update: 1395762818 · posted: 1395762818

Hello We have just started to learn how to play bridge and will be at our home near to Limoux for three months from early May to early August. Does anybody know of any bridge clubs near to Limoux who are happy for beginners to join them? Best wishes

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We're planning to buy a 4.5 M boat with little cabin to use on the canal. What are the regulation about motor size, registering, licensing, mooring? What would you recommend, what experience do you have??? Can one simply buy a boat and use it or is there a lot of paperwork even for a small boat with small engine? Thank you for any suggestions and information.

started by: Brave Bart · last update: 1392557717 · posted: 1392421781

Hi I am a big Rugby League fan but I can't make sense of the rugby x111 website, is there any matches this weekend within an hour of Carcassonne? cheers Jim

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Hi all, thinking of going to catch a Montpellier match at some stage and would love some advice if anyone can help! Is it a safe environment to bring my wife along to or do some supporters cause problems? Is there parking at the stadium? I signed up to the official ticketing website and tickets are marked PT and TR, with TR cheaper - what is the difference? Thanks for any help or advice!

started by: VELISSA-495345 · last update: 1391429521 · posted: 1323965221

Anyone interested in joining a small group of beginner and intermediate bridge players in Sète on Tuesday afternoons? An experienced player would also be welcome to provide instruction.

started by: spam96 · last update: 1391429217 · posted: 1341242273

My wife and I like to play a bit of Bridge, but only with a glass of wine and for fun. We are not interested in the formal Bridge. Anyone fancy a game? We can teach you if you want!Chris

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Hi all! Recently moved to Pezenas for a few months and was wondering if anyone in the surrounding area plays five a side or social football? Ex-pats or other (although I only speak a little French, football is a universal language!). Just looking to enjoy a bit of active fun really, nothing too serious as I'm not sure my lungs could take much more than that! Would appreciate any advice.

started by: peter2403 · last update: 1389447038 · posted: 1389447038

Does anyone know of a camera club in the Carcassonne/ Limoux/ Quillan/ Mirepoix/ Foix area? Or are there any photographers in this area interested in getting together? Peter peter@bluehorizons.eu  

started by: stuben · last update: 1383917334 · posted: 1383559453

Road Cycling Buddy Looking for cycling Buddy/Buddies in the Limoux area, med pace 40k-60k Although not living permanently there..down very often during the year. Andrew  

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is there anywhere in the Herault that one can play racquet sports without joining a club? I like to play tennis and badminton but only for fun. also - is it the bog standard in this region to charge 22+ euros for a 45 mins squash session? and lastly - if anyone knows of a public table tennis table in the region that isn't next to a road, lots of bushes or right next to a walk, can you share your secret please? thanks

started by: coloma gold-656271 · last update: 1379265229 · posted: 1379265229

Wife is a spinner/weaver/ knitter and I like metal detecting.. Does anyone know of people or clubs in the provence or surrounding area for either of these two hobbies? We are located between Salon-de-Provence and Avignon. My wife belonged to a spinners/weaving guild in California and has been active in this hobby for 30+years. She can also teach knitting. I started weaving/spinning a couple of years ago. We participate in an association located in the SW France but are looking to meet others in this area interested in this activity.  My wife is also interested in dyeing, bobbin lace and other fibre arts

started by: stephenpaul2@me.com · last update: 1377630609 · posted: 1364199678

Hi Looking for a playing partner or group for playing in the Uzes / Nimes area. We have a 9 hole course in Uzes but happy to travel to Nimes for 18holes at either of the courses Spend about two weeks every month in area Cheers Steve

started by: bartis.ervin · last update: 1377380334 · posted: 1377380334

Hello, I am looking for a squash partner in Montpellier for the next 3-4 months. My level is intermediate, though I did not play for more than a year. Let me know if you are interested! Regards, Ervin

started by: sanna-908862 · last update: 1371739023 · posted: 1370259159

Hello, I'm moving to Elne for 3months at the end of june and I'm looking to find other english speaking people in the area. My boyfriend will be working,so I find myself with time in my hands. Just looking to go to the local markets,have coffee or go to the beach and so on.... I do speak italian and finnish as well. Sanna    

started by: Alfred-498810 · last update: 1370865059 · posted: 1325352311

My name is Alf and later in the year, probably in September, I am going to move from Huesca in Spain where I live at present to the Perpignan area. I am a professional walking guide and enthusiastic climber with a passionate interest in all things culturally French. I would love to get in touch and make friends of any age or background to help me settle in to the area. If you want to help me, please write to alfredorob2@yahoo.es.

started by: Annie S-499490 · last update: 1368650448 · posted: 1368650448

Hi We are 5 - 2 adults, 3 children (age 13), coming to Meze (Bessilles) for family party on May 25th May . does anyone know of a nice (cheap) hotel or B&B we could stay in that Saturday night? Thank you.

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Anyone involved in or have any experience of kiteboarding on the Aude coast?

started by: w8cko · last update: 1363774292 · posted: 1363514442

I am moving to L-R in May (near Pezenas) and I'm trying to find out more about tennis facilities, options in the area. I play to a club 1st team standard and enter national O'45 singles competitions (currently ranked in the top 10 in the UK in this age group). Has anyone got any suggestions as to where to play / join or indeed let me know if you fancy a game!  

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