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Could anyone please tell me if we need to take out any addtional travel insurance for skiing in Italy. We are permanent residents in France and have a Mutuelle and Carte Vitale? Many thanks Best Wishes for the New Year to everyone

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Hi, Can anyone help me with information on registering my old 21 ft. yacht I hope to take with me when I move to France. Regards cotain 

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Hi I am newly arrived Engl;ish person, speak french after many years in French speaking Switzerland. Now working and living between Beziers and Montpellier and hoping to connect with skiiers or hikers in the area. Missing the mountain air and enjoying seeing new places, I am willing to travel long distances. I would appreciate being put in touch with friends or groups that may spring to mind.Thanks in advance Deborah landline 04 67 23 15 52

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Can anyone recommend a good Fitness Club & also Indoor Swimming facilities in or near to Agde, Bezier or Sete?

started by: TK-494466 · last update: 1350041516 · posted: 1349008308

Hi Does anyone know if there is a group of "Longboarders" in the Carcassonne area and if there are any great spots for longboarding in the area.  We are travelling over in December and staying for 7 weeks and I have two teenage sons who are very keen longboarders from NZ.   Thanks for any information.

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My son (aged 20) is in Montpellier for 12 months.  He's a keen rugby player and played for his UK University 1st 15.  He has found a local club and both keen for him to play.  But he has just ben told by the club that he needs insurance to play and the cost is €1000.  Neither he nor the club can afford this.  Anyone any experience of this?  Sports injury nsurance cover in the UK costs about £15/month for rugby.  Could this be used? Any advice/experience gladly received.   Thanks   Ron

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Hi We have just moved to Mazamet and I am looking for a target shooting club nearby-ish. I am memeber of the FFTir.I would like a club with a 100 metre range(stand) if possible?Any ideas.RegardsJeremy

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Is there anywhere to play badminton in the Narbonne area?

started by: Evered · last update: 1337340490 · posted: 1337249158

Not quite the Champions League Final but is there any Bar, Club or similar likely to show the Wembley Play Off Final on Sunday afternoon between Luton Town and York City? For non-league teams this is as good as it gets! It is on Premier Sports (used to be Setanta) and is only available via satellite in Languedoc.

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Hello Can anyone tell me where there are any good arts and craft shops in the Bezier/montpelier area? I am happy to go further but I am looking for paints (not small tubes) and earthenware clay amongst other bits. I have looked on line but the price of delivering 10 kilos of clay is 10 times the cost of the materials!Many thanks

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Hi there, 35 year ols drummer in Montpellier looking to join/form covers band, rock pop, blues, etc, drop me a line!

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I'm looking for others interested in playing football in the Carcassonne area. I'm a moderately fit 40 year old who will be moving to the the area later this year and would like to join or set up a regular game. Could be any type of game. I currently play 5 a side once or twice a week with friends and would really miss playing regularly. Anyone interested in setting up a game or knows of one I could join? Sending this via wife's log-in but can contact direct. Cheers, Simon.

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Hi im probably like many of you a budding artist. Lets face it though im not very good either. I am however quite sociable. It occured to me that there might be more like me out there who want to be sociable whilst learning and sharing. I envisage that it could be possible to form a loose group of new friends who would like to get together on a regular basis . Primarily for learning and sharing experiences. Ive got loads of ideas but would prefer to meet with like minded people and work out what as a "new" group could work. Im happy to host/chair the first meeting. One thing though in these straightened times im not interested in paying for help. Frankly much as i would like it I cant afford it [even though we do budget the luxuries first] and yes I do know you shouldnt end a sentence with it!!!So if there is some interest we could meet to wok out the whats wheres and how oftens.... So c,mon all you Monets,Dalis and Stanley Spencers [I used to Live in the village where he worked !] Steve

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I have a keen interest in cycling and life in Beziers,France. I would like to try and set up a english speaking social cycling club,the plan would be to plan a day out,with a stop for 1 hour lunch,to start ride about 10am and finsh 3pm. I have knowledge of some routes,i like both types of cycling,i am female age 41,living with partner and my occupation is Beauty Therapist. Only cyclist need response with advice are wishing to be cycling buddie.

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I recently started playing bridge at the bridge club in Carcassonne and would recommend for players of all levels: the members are very friendly and the play is certainly more relaxed than my last club in Britain.If you already play and know the French bidding system you could play any weekday afternoon 2:15 (Tuesday is for beginners, see below) or Tuesday evening.If you play but need to learn the French system there are sessions on Tuesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon led by Bruno Rouppert who is a very nice and helpful man who, I think, speaks some English. Contact beginners, I think there are classes in French Saturday morning: contact as above.

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Has anyone a field with water and shelter to rent for two elderly horses ? in the Pyrenees orientales, somewhere in the triangle between Amelie Les bains - perpignan - Spanish border ?

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Hi, I am having real problems with ants in my camper van. They seem to be in between the roof & the ceiling & are slowly eating away at what I think is the insulation. I keep finding piles of white powder everywhere. I have treated with an insecticide spray, but despite having several dead ants, the little blighters just won't go away. Any help/advice greatfully received.

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Thule bike rack that fits onto the tow ball. Lowers down to access the boot without removing. Takes four bikes. Photo available. Can show invoice for 537.00 euros. Bargain at 60.00 euros. We are in dept 30 near St Ambroix.

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Is there a kind person who can record on DVD the Tour de France stage from Limoux to Montpellier on Sun 17 July afternoon,principally the section between St Chinian and Pezenas? It is probably on Sky but is definitely live on ITV4. Apparently the riders will go through St Chinian at 10 to 3 and reach Pezenas at 10 to 4 approx. I can arrange to provide disc & pick it up later.

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Does anyone know of any English speaking sports clubs that run in the summer holidays? A friend's children are staying in the Beziers/Pezanas/Valras area and would like to do a week-long course such as horse riding, sailing or tennis. However, they'd like it to be English speaking or bilingual.

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