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One thing I really miss about not being in England is the sports I use to participate in, is there anyone around the Nimes region (I would be happy to travel a sensible distance) who might also want a game on a regular basis in any (or all) of these sports?

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Has anyone got any info on non toxic anti freeze treatments that can be added to the water and that you can still continue to use as normal. People safe etc. I saw something a couple of weeks ago somehere but have been having serious senior moments as to where it was. Thanks in advance for any help Paul

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I am an inconsistent golfer (sometimes gets a par, sometimes gets 9, averages 3 over par per hole) looking for fellow golfers to play once or twice a month, nothing serious just an enjoyable game of golf. I live near Olonzac and love to play at Mazamet. So could meet at the course or share the driving. Thanks

started by: richard2244 · last update: 1291410553 · posted: 1257002822

Looking for a cycling club or buddy to go cycling with. I live near Olonzac. Regulay tours are 25-50Km, not looking for club racing with super fit 20 year olds, just leisure cycling or club events for a 50 year old! Can anybody help or are in the same situation and cycle alone? Thanks Richard

started by: PerfectSpeed-489985 · last update: 1289244326 · posted: 1289207884

I am thinking of starting a Camera Club in Limoux, if any one is interested please feel free to contact my anytime.steve@perfectspeedphotography.comMany thanks.Steve

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Hi, I'm looking for a gym or sports hall that has badminton courts you can hire out. I've found a place that has them between Trebes and Carcassonne, but that's quite a way from me. So I'm after a place a bit closer to home (Olonzac area). Have tried Lezignan and Olonzac but no joy. Any suggestions gratefully received. pezney.

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Hi all In the uk I went to an aerobics class that frankly I both loved and hated at the same time as it was shattering but I felt good for going!. I found a class at our local village and happily went along but i gutted to discover it was very low impact - i'm very unfit but I didnt even break a sweat. I need something more energetic but where all the woman arent a size zero. I live in castelnaudary but would be willing to travel in the limoux/castel/carcassonne area. anyone know of any good classes?

started by: Richard Cragg · last update: 1283527544 · posted: 1265559284

I have a Cornish Cormorant Sailing boat [3.75m oal] and wish to join a sailing club in Aude, Herault or Pyrenees-Orientales. Preferably on the coast but inland water a possibility. I would be pleased to hear of any clubs that forum members know about, or better still, have experience of.

started by: kpwuk-484138 · last update: 1283527429 · posted: 1266854599

Does anyone know of an English speaking (even a little bit) boating centre to take my permis bateau?I am near to Beziers/Narbonne.

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My partner has just bought a boat in France but sadly one week later he has died, I am a bit lost as to what i am supposed to do with all the paperwork that came with the boat. I know he wanted to register it on the small ships register in England. I have an English address to do this from although the boat will be kept in France for the most time. I have my coastal skipper qualifications in England and believe if i register the boat on the small ships register this covers me for coastal sailing in France. I have been given a form at the point of sale (Fiche Plaisance - Immatriculation D'un navire de plaisance) and have the acte de vente d'un navire de plaisance. Do i need to do anything with these forms in France to change ownership or do i go staright to registering it on the small ships register in England.Please help.

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HI , I am thinking of going to Agde for the day next week , arriving about 12ish , any-one out there know if there is a mini cruise up the canal , just an hour or so . Thanks .

started by: Nick S-491925 · last update: 1282235998 · posted: 1282235998

I have recently retired to the area and would like to learn ballroom dancing (waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, tango, etc). Can anyone recommend somewhere reasonably locally where they provide beginners lessons. I live in St Andre de Roquelongue, 20km southwest of Narbonne.

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Does anyone know of any racing circuits wiyhin striking distance of the Languedoc Roussillon region where there are track days or race meetings?

started by: Graham E · last update: 1281104479 · posted: 1281104479

I am interested in doing some trout fishing close to Perpignan and wondered whether anybody could recommend some decent locations ideally for fly fishing?

started by: ClairePaul-493263 · last update: 1280616104 · posted: 1280438103

Hi there, I am looking desperately for bike hire near (or with delivery option to) Quillan for a few days mid-August. I know there are tonnes of hire places which rent out mountain bikes but my Mum needs an upright/road bike as she has back probs.. Any tips on this would be really great! Many thanks in advance Claire

started by: sarahann-493660 · last update: 1277217236 · posted: 1277194332

Could any one tell me the best way to take this train in the Pyranees, we would like to spend a day exploring and travelling on it, also any recomendations for an inexpensive place to stay in the Pyranees? thankyou!

started by: Geri-492080 · last update: 1277161612 · posted: 1277161612

Hi, I am hoping to go cycling in and around Marseillan in July and was wondering are there any booklets / info with routes, cycling paths for this area?

started by: venusinbluejeans-494585 · last update: 1277158856 · posted: 1277158856

Hi everyone, we are looking for something that will suitable for us to rent for a family of 4 , preferably near the coast, it doesnt have to be in the centre of town, rural sounds good too(including 2 teenagers, ) Any suggestions of what we can keep them occupied with for the week? They speak fluent French, my daughter wants to stay near Montpellier, but i know nothing of the area, and am open to far more experienced opinions we are open to any suggestions, as it will be our first time venturing this far south, even though we have lived in France for 6 years! Look forward to your replies

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Hi There, Soon to be moving to the Le Boulou area. can anyone fill me in on the freshwater fishing in the area, Lakes, rivers, canals etc.I could also be dragged into doing some sea fishing. Also when I am not in the fresh wonderful air out there is there anyone who plays or knows of a backgammon club in the area?Look forward to hearing from all my future neighbours. best wishes, Miomentum

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Doe's anyone have any idea where I could buy a secondhand bike (hybrid) in or around Carcassonne or if someone has one for sale please let me know. Just needed for leisure. I will be over in August so would hope to have something organised for then. Thanks in advance.

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