Music: World & Folk

34 E.Sy Kennenga Sat 29th Apr
Live world music from Martinique with E.Sy Kennenga. At 20:00 at Victoire 2, rue du Mas de Grille, 34430 Saint Jean-de-Védas. Tickets from €15 to €18 from usual outlets.
34 Big James Wed 26th Apr
Live jazz with Big James Montgomery at 21:00 at Le JAM, 10 rue F. de Lesseps, 34000 Montpellier.Tickets from €13.75 to €15.75.
Live music with eclectic band Zaragraf from Nîmes and So Vintage. From 20:00 at Paloma SMAC, 250 chemin de l’Aérodrome, 30000 Nîmes. Tickets from €10.05 to €14.05.
66 Fefe Fri 28th Apr
World music with Fefe from 21:00 at El Mediator, avenue du Général Leclerc, 66000 Perpignan. Tickets: €19.80.
34 Volver Fri 28th Apr
Live world music with Volver at 20:30 at the Zinga Zanga, traverse de Colombiers, 34500 Béziers. Tickets: €27.