Architects & Surveyors

Comprehensive CAD drafting and design service for planning applications. Dossiers compiled and submitted.
Beatrice Fournet-Reymond
Architect for new plans and renovations of existing properties.
Marie Puybouffat
Architect for advice and support all construction projects or restoration of individual houses, collective housing, industrial, commercial and agricultural, offices and shops.
Monique Frosch - Architecture SurMesure
Architect for bioclimatic and sustainable architecture and renovation. Concept, design, permits and realisation. 
Atelier Diemoz Jean David
English speaking architect (DPLG) for environmental construction and contemporary creations. 
Godson T.P.
Chartered civil engineer, for building surveys and groundworks, septic tank installation, drains, ewer connectionsand structural concreting. 
John Marshall Surveys
RICS and French qualified surveyor for structural surveys and valuations for banks, courts, stock exchanges and private clients.
Jacqueline Planchot
Architect for design projects from inception, modifications to existing properties; organising quotes and planning permission. 
Chris Ball
Chartered building surveyor for property surveys, project management, and submission of planning applications and "declaration de travaux".
Beatrice Baudoin
Architect agency for design drawings, plans for new property, or renovations of existing apartments and houses. 
Ox Architectures
Architect for environmental construction and wooden frame. 
Claude Sirjacques
Architect for plans, drawings for new builds and renovations.