Office Supplies & Services

Administration Services
Wide range of services including: accounting, translations, record keeping, reports and invoicing.
Atelier Environnement Informatique
More than 11,000 references and 250 brand names in office supplies. 6 av Pierre Leroux, Gueret (23).
Sales of office equipment, stationary and printer cartridges. Video projector and computers available for rent. 13 av Montjovis, Limoges (87).
Papeterie PGDis
800 sqm of office supplies including stationery, cartridges and furnitire. 5 rue du Cros, ZI Cher du Prat, Gueret (23).
Office Depot
Office furniture, stationery, computers, IT equipment and printing works. Rte Eymoutiers, Parc dactivites Ponteix, Feytiat (87).
Sally Gibson
Service for people who cannot type, handwritten or audio manuscripts transcribed and presented ready for submission to a publisher. Also business letters typed and presented. Covers all of France. St- Eloy (23).