Online & Distance Therapy Services

Limousin Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Limousin.

Julie Sabatier
Psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in counselling for families and children.
Delphine Blondeau
Counsellor and therapist specialised in treating adults, children and adolescents. Remote consultations through Skype, messenger or WhatsApp.
Martin Simpson
Psychotherapy and counseling for individuals over 16 and couples.
Sandrine Audoin
Telephone and online counselling sessions for a range of mental health issues. 
Alice Barriere
Psychologist based in Limoges offers online and face to face counselling for Mental health difficulties. English spoken.
Rebeix Céline
Adult, adolescents and child psychologist based in Limoges.
Vincent Fourgeaud
Clinical psychologist offers individual and couple therapy for adults, adolescents and adults.
Laura Harley
Services offered include online short-term and long-term counseling on encrypted video calls or secure mail.
Amélie Charrier
Experienced hypnotherapist based in Limoges. Offers home sessions as well.
Nadège Auroy
Psychologist and psychotherapist works with adults, adolescents and couples.