Property Search & House Hunters

Destin de Pierre
Tailor made property search to assist in finding homes in the Correze. Advice given on tax and legal issues. 41 av de Lestaing, Brive-la-Gaillarde (19).
Floor plans service designed to help estate agents, their clients and prospective purchasers by offering a clear and concise representation of the layout of a property.
Limousin Property Search
English estate agents providing a full service related to buying property in Limousin: visits, advice, access to loans, translations of documents and transfer of utilities. Contact Alice Angle. Triegnac (87).
Cle France
Property for sale through a network of Cle France Agents and French Registered Estate Agents. Over 8000 houses for sale from cheap houses to renovate up to Luxury Dream Homes and perfectly charming Holiday Homes.