Dordogne Experience
Rowing through the gorges of the Dordogne River on a one or two week rafting holiday staying at campsites or in tents on the riverside overnight. St-Martin-La-Meanne (19).
Nautic Club Limousin
Sailiing and rowing club at a lake of more than 1,000 hectares. Open July and August, Monday to Friday, 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-19:00. Vauveix, Royere de Vassiviere (23).
Club Nautique de Limoges
Rowing club for singles, pairs or teams. Regular training sessions in musculation, cardio and practice on the water. 10 rue Victor Duruy, Port du Naveix, Limoges (87).
Centre Aquarecreatif
Covered water park with swimming pools, water jets, bubbling baths, water slides and jacuzzis. Open air swimming opool in Summer. Rte de Vimbelle Bourbacoup, Tulle (19).
Sports Sous-Marins
Sub-marine sports association. La Graule, La Foret-du-Temple, Creuse (23).
Comite Departemental de Plongee
Diving club at Montluat, St-Sornin-Leulac (87).