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Mobile home in my garden. 3 General
Hican someone give me some info.?we are in the process of purchasing a property in Bujaleuf that w...
started by: davie harris · last update: 1493056791 · posted: 1493035019
headlights for diahtsu 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
need to change lights for ct but no-one playing ball with me. Have tried on but can't find my vin nu...
started by: patricia-elliott-868832 · last update: 1493032781 · posted: 1492870502
A couple of men who had a vineyard 2 General
Hi, At the beginning of this year on, I think Channel 4, there was a programme about expats, who had s...
started by: bretonlion · last update: 1493016276 · posted: 1492930971
Missing Cats 6 Pets & Animals
Has anyone had any experience of cats going missing? We have two cats, brother and sister reared from kittens, b...
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1492964836 · posted: 1492788491
Swimming pool 2 Home & Garden
Hello everyoneour builder left us with an incomplete In ground pool 10 by 5  metres. We have an unfi...
started by: Billie-10063530 · last update: 1492896677 · posted: 1492762481
clothes charity required 2 Home & Garden
Hi, Can anyone recommend, suggest a charity that would want quite a lot of good quality ladies clothes, dress an...
started by: William-Hutchison -854514 · last update: 1492853817 · posted: 1492798515
Dangerous trees 0 Financial & Legal
Hello everyone. I'd be very grateful for some advicegrowing on land owned by the village there are five h...
started by: Billie-10063530 · last update: 1492763817 · posted: 1492763817
Tax rate 1 Financial & Legal
anybody know the rate for this years tax form Ie. £ to €
started by: steve bud-506748 · last update: 1492615502 · posted: 1492584841
Seeking an English-speaking roadside res... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have recently bought a French car and have duly insured it through our French bank. A roadside assistance serv...
started by: terrymiles · last update: 1492613946 · posted: 1492432974
Weather/Rain Limousin 18 General
Hello everyone, we are considering moving the  limousine area but not decided on a region yet. I have been ...
started by: Lance-Wallis-879813 · last update: 1492531294 · posted: 1488812439
Buy a car, keep same CT or get a new one... 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
If you buy a car over 4 yrs old and it has a valid CT, of whatever age, does this seller's CT remain valid for t...
started by: vanwin-436336 · last update: 1492453617 · posted: 1492437055
planning permission for greenhouse 2 General
Someone posted on AngloInfo asking about whether he required planning permission to erect a greenhouse, it may d...
started by: Oldbury · last update: 1492449871 · posted: 1491284897
Looking for someone for shot/sand blasti... 1 General
Hello,I am looking for someone who can do a shot blasting job for me, please contact me if you can help.&...
started by: blaize-976795 · last update: 1491761605 · posted: 1491737435
holiday home / Residential let /cleaner 5 General
if anyone knows of some one wanting a residential let, either long term, while house hunting, or possibly holida...
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1491459615 · posted: 1488884953
Livery 1 Pets & Animals
Hi All,I am looking to move to the Limousin Region in June and i am wanting to buy however want to rent f...
started by: Vivien-Dunne-896966 · last update: 1491319683 · posted: 1491211686
Shops open Sunday 3 General
HiDoes anyone know of any grocery type shops open on Sunday evenings in the Limoges area please?
started by: cp17 · last update: 1491284559 · posted: 1488567447
Hen / Poultry House 3 Pets & Animals
HelloAny suggestions where to buy a good sized Hen house to accommodate @ 7 large breed hens ( one being ...
started by: Triona12 · last update: 1491141621 · posted: 1487792533
Leboncoin 1 General
Does anyone know if posting photos on leboncoin in the property for sale section now costs money.
started by: delboy61-512654 · last update: 1491071379 · posted: 1490280219
Registering UK car 7 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi Probably been covered before but:Does anyone know if you can re register a UK car in France using the ...
started by: zander666 · last update: 1491051444 · posted: 1490964530
Selling car in UK 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I bought my car in the UK before we left in 2007 and paid the VAT on it. It is now French registered, the V5 hav...
started by: woodcutter-978282 · last update: 1490689364 · posted: 1490611096
Looking for b/b 3 General
Hilooking for a b/b for next week for a few days stay in Aubusson, can anyone put me in touch with someon...
started by: davie harris · last update: 1490603009 · posted: 1490543102
Help! We need to repair our telly 5 General
Our trusted Samsung TV has broken down.  Now we get sound but no picture.  Does anyone know a TV repair p...
started by: bigblue-952720 · last update: 1490450291 · posted: 1490276187
Following me 0 General
We were in the Soliel Couchant bar at Verneuil today 23rd March talking to a couple Graham and Jill, when we lef...
started by: Brin1001 · last update: 1490295850 · posted: 1490295850
Shooting 2 Sport & Leisure
I am looking for a rifle and pistol shooting club somewhere near either Tulle or Brive. Any suggestions welcome ...
started by: watts264 · last update: 1490266118 · posted: 1490262972
Electric showers 7 Home & Garden
Can someone please advise me if electric showers are allowed in France (I have been previously advised that they...
started by: alandted · last update: 1490190999 · posted: 1490039931
Linky electricity meter 3 Home & Garden
Seems to be various opinions on value, health risks, lack of information in general about these smart meters. Do...
started by: tromboneliz · last update: 1490035395 · posted: 1489999893
Limoges airport 31/3 0 General
Hi all. I have a friend arriving from Southampton on 31st March at 12.35. Is there anyone who could give ...
started by: joinfrance · last update: 1489817264 · posted: 1489817264
Registered Baby Minder 0 Families & Kids
Bonjour,I'm looking for a registered baby minder in the region of St Junien, Veyrac & Aixe sur vienne...
started by: Pops1 · last update: 1489398671 · posted: 1489398671
Framing nails 2 General
Can anyone suggest places to go to buy framing nails and gas cells. Thanks in advance
started by: Paul-FPT · last update: 1489217731 · posted: 1489005268
Seeking a motorcycle mechanic 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have a Triumph Bonneville T100 (the recent, fuel injected version) that has an occasional starting problem. It st...
started by: terrymiles · last update: 1489172311 · posted: 1489064075
House hunting 3 AngloINFO Support
We are in the process of purchasing a small property to use for holiday use only at the moment, but are unsure a...
started by: Chrissie -Van de Ven-Cole -894754 · last update: 1488817246 · posted: 1488704294
looknig for horesy people 0 General
started by: TILLY-507168 · last update: 1488809902 · posted: 1488809902
Travel to Aubusson. 10 General
Hijust looking at a property to purchase in Aubusson to rent out once I have refurbished it, can anyone a...
started by: davie harris · last update: 1488789681 · posted: 1488294282
Buying chicken wire, barbed wire and woo... 3 Home & Garden
Hello,Does anybody know where I can get hold of any of quite large quantities of chicken wire and barbed ...
started by: Bruna29 · last update: 1488729632 · posted: 1488302266
NEW Gardening Club based around Aubusson 0 Home & Garden
started by: Tinawburgess · last update: 1488632745 · posted: 1488632745
Upholstery repairs 0 Home & Garden
Hi, can anyone recommend a good upholstery repairer in the Oradour-sur-Vayres ( 87150 ) area. It's for a three p...
started by: MGCrenovation · last update: 1488621467 · posted: 1488621467
Chain saw blade sharpening 4 Home & Garden
I believe that Mr Bricolage in Gueret provides a sharpening service. Can anyone confirm this? Does one leave the...
started by: Grumpy-505572 · last update: 1488398432 · posted: 1488297127
Glass Cutting 1 General
Hi looking to get a pane of glass cut for greenhouse.Does anyone know of glass cuting service Bouganeuf 23400 ...
started by: Jackie-Adcock-893245 · last update: 1488353929 · posted: 1488291088
any one need help?? 0 General
Hello I live between brive and terrasson and I am looking for work during school term.. Help with horses( I was ...
started by: TILLY-507168 · last update: 1488290883 · posted: 1488290883
Energy Performance Test 1 Home & Garden
HelloCan anyone tell me how do you find the correct person to perform this test in preparation...
started by: chateaupoppy · last update: 1488268584 · posted: 1488206334
Chimney Sweep 2 General
Does anyone know a chimney sweep in the Bourganeuf area? need to get our wood burner swept
started by: Jackie-Adcock-893245 · last update: 1488098615 · posted: 1487916953
Does anglo pass on my replies ? 2 General
I recently advertised a renault clio for sale and had many replies , i clicked on reply to answer and never hear...
started by: bigboy-510195 · last update: 1487929397 · posted: 1487916470
Barber 0 General
Looking for a gentlemen's hairdresser / barber around EYMOUTIER...
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1487620741 · posted: 1487620741
Fosse septics 7 Financial & Legal
We have received the dreaded letter from our water company saying they are coming to inspect our fosse septic .
started by: hermans4 · last update: 1487537404 · posted: 1487494056
Help to buy washing machine 4 General
HelloCan anyone tell me where is the nearest place to Peyrate le Chateau to buy a washing mach...
started by: chateaupoppy · last update: 1487513096 · posted: 1487240620
Fosse septics 0 Financial & Legal
started by: hermans4 · last update: 1487493413 · posted: 1487493413
registering a uk car in france 11 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I want to register a second hand uk car in france . I want to know where you can download the french d...
started by: poumaret-511784 · last update: 1487438807 · posted: 1487239678
Wood 2 Home & Garden
Hi all, we are looking at moving to the limousine region. We have heard that if you live in or around a village ...
started by: Lance-Wallis-879813 · last update: 1487434639 · posted: 1487339210
Limoges airport transfer 4 General
GreetingsI am planning a big party over the first weekend in April and sever...
started by: joinfrance · last update: 1487135890 · posted: 1487053459
Renewing UK Passport from France 4 General
Hi Does anyone know what is the best letter/ doc to get translated into English to send with my passport,...
started by: Jackie-Adcock-893245 · last update: 1487018636 · posted: 1486991560