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very bad time at hospital 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
just been in the hospital in chateauroux  dept 36 after a bad accident and then been on the end of an attack b
started by: walnut-564565 · last update: 1503407977 · posted: 1503407977
how to 1 Pets & Animals
does anyone know how to get onto Bon Coin the french selling and buying site.  I am having problems logging on
started by: potnkettle · last update: 1503168543 · posted: 1503166282
accountant/ tax advisor 1 Financial & Legal
Hi everybodyDoes anyone know of an english speaking accountant or advisor who could help with my introduction to th
started by: laurie-craft-907550 · last update: 1503133372 · posted: 1503064173
Reclamation yard 4 Home & Garden
Does anyone know the reclamation yard on the Aubusson road near gueret? Is it open Sundays and does it sell concret
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1503056453 · posted: 1502450088
SOLD 1 AngloINFO Support
Marking classified as "SOLD" not working
started by: kenneth-lawley-852826 · last update: 1503043252 · posted: 1502616448
Scam warning "Microsoft Service Centre" 4 Financial & Legal
Twice now I've been phoned by a guy with a strong Indian accent pretending to be from Microsoft Service Centre. The
started by: lamongerie · last update: 1502966807 · posted: 1502796779
Mum and toddler groups? 0 Families & Kids
Hi there, my husband, 14 month old baby and I are in the process of moving from the uk to not too far from Eymoutie
started by: Fiona-France-898748 · last update: 1502911289 · posted: 1502911289
Swimming pool contract 0 Home & Garden
Hi we are looking for a local swimming pool company to open and close are pool wee live st Leonard de noblat
started by: Garry-Metherell -907313 · last update: 1502866017 · posted: 1502866017
Films in VO 5 AngloINFO Support
This used to be very useful, I could see which local cinemas had films in English. Now it's disappeared, to be repl
started by: DJC-509176 · last update: 1502098199 · posted: 1500539841
living in yurts in limousin or surrounding... 6 Non-local
bonjour tous. my good lady and I live in a yurt in the department of le morbihan(56) in sunny! brittany. we as m
started by: itinerant child-507316 · last update: 1501316198 · posted: 1240940559
Tractor graveyard? 2 General
Does anyone know if there is a tractor graveyard in or around the Limoges area. I need a new rear lens cover for my
started by: Rustylegs · last update: 1501308159 · posted: 1500912707
translation of english driving li 10 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi Does anyone know where to get my English Driving  licence tranlated I would like to change to a French
started by: TILLY-507168 · last update: 1501174739 · posted: 1500989594
Fly Fishing Advice 9 Sport & Leisure
Hi, I am about to start back into fly fishing again. I have my carte de peche for all of France. I prefer rivers to
started by: Paul-FPT · last update: 1501168470 · posted: 1500476218
Liquid floor screed 1 Home & Garden
Hi. Im in the middle of a underfloor heating project. i was wondering if anyone out there (Limoges area) has found
started by: Ade1098s · last update: 1501165999 · posted: 1501102154
I AM OWED MONEY 7 Financial & Legal
 I am hoping someone can  give me some sound advice.We sold some  beams to a neighbour. He has not p
started by: cracker-513020 · last update: 1501005019 · posted: 1497549912
swimming pool safety inspections 2 Home & Garden
hello everyone.Does anyone know if pools and the associated safety measures are ever inspected? Also is there a bod
started by: Billie-10063530 · last update: 1500969180 · posted: 1500913214
swimming pool tax 1 Home & Garden
Hello everyone.Would someone be able to advise me who I need to notify once the pool is finished? Its in ground 10
started by: Billie-10063530 · last update: 1500922196 · posted: 1500913043
Traveling to London on Monday 24th July -... 0 General
Urgently need help from someone traveling to London tomorrow - My partner has left his car & workshop keys here
started by: Triona12 · last update: 1500813542 · posted: 1500813542
Solar panels 3 Home & Garden
Hilooking for some information on Solar panels for my property.Have purchased a property in Bujaleuf and want to in
started by: davie harris · last update: 1500476741 · posted: 1499689251
prolapse mesh inplants 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
This morning I was watching Victoria Derbyshire on BBC regarding inplants for prolapse it has been stated that the
started by: mim-516280 · last update: 1500388288 · posted: 1500388287