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Heating oil 2 Home & Garden
Hi does anyone know the best online company (and most economical) for order and delivery of domestic home heating o
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1521661181 · posted: 1521626391
caravanning 1 Sport & Leisure
started by: 123sallyann · last update: 1521660146 · posted: 1521651234
Sheep shearer 2 Pets & Animals
Looking for someone to shear our sheep once Spring is upon us. We have 2 males and 3 females. We're next to Chavana
started by: Ford7810 · last update: 1521617725 · posted: 1521487038
Electric Water Heater consumption 5 Home & Garden
Hi I’m just wondering whether people using an electric water balon could offer me some advice. We use an electric
started by: Nick-Adcock-925258 · last update: 1521366356 · posted: 1521277988
Plumber urgently required - Chamberet area. 3 Home & Garden
We had a pipe burst in the ceiling between the ground and first floor, our agent at Allianz in Eymoutiers did, and
started by: Saskia-SMITH-925219 · last update: 1521280332 · posted: 1521215219
Information 12 General
Hiwe have just purchased a house in Bujaleuf, is there anyone that lives close by that could give us some advice on
started by: davie harris · last update: 1521276146 · posted: 1519647937
Lift from uk 0 General
Can anyone offer a French lady and her dog a lift from uk to mondoubleau.   She’s currently in Somerset her
started by: UKonTour · last update: 1521062385 · posted: 1521062385
Wood burner for heating 13 Home & Garden
Hi all, looking at moving to the limousine area. We appreciate some areas will be colder than others mainly due to
started by: Lance-Wallis-879813 · last update: 1520835950 · posted: 1520586960
Registering with Chambre des metiers ! 0 General
Hi all, has anyone just completed the SPI online course to register with chambre des metiers as "Multiservice Brico
started by: Nicola-Flitney -924064 · last update: 1520244396 · posted: 1520244396
Hiring Baby Equipment 6 General
Does anyone know where you can hire baby equipment? I saw an advert somewhere but can't remember where it was. &nbs
started by: MadMarion-508736 · last update: 1520186273 · posted: 1390148032
Job offer 0 Non-local
I post this for a friend.Part-time tour guides wanted (English or Dutch or German speaking) We are looking for walk
started by: PaulGJ · last update: 1519929605 · posted: 1519929605
Property Taxes 19 Financial & Legal
Anyone out there able to help me with my Property Taxes.I have received No bills here in the Uk, as I moved since b
started by: Deborah-Wright-897015 · last update: 1519757349 · posted: 1518854975
Expired UK driving licence while renewing... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello all - I am in a bit of a dilemma as my English driving licence has now expired while waiting for the French r
started by: Snowbird-10059507 · last update: 1519684216 · posted: 1519644653
Issues with pool builders 2 Home & Garden
Hi,I'm hoping someone can help or advise. We've had a complete nightmare with our pool builders. The project has dr
started by: Oliver-Smith-923408 · last update: 1519646070 · posted: 1519641979
paraffin prices 2 Home & Garden
Does anyone know any where we can buy paraffin at a reasonable price in or near the Bourganeuf area?  We've ju
started by: bigblue-952720 · last update: 1519318268 · posted: 1519293386
lake advice and maintenance 7 Sport & Leisure
hi all, my wife and I have recently bought a house and small lake in the haute vienne, I'm looking for some advice
started by: Aaron-liddle-922498 · last update: 1519024331 · posted: 1518734431
Car Insurance 13 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am presently going through a car insurance claim and I am required to pay for the repairs before claiming the mon
started by: dingers-503329 · last update: 1518700108 · posted: 1518361429
URGENT CALL 4 Pets & Animals
Whom has a drone and can help to find 2 lost dogs since 6/2  87330 Mortemar?Please reply on this urgent call i
started by: PaulGJ · last update: 1518602901 · posted: 1518340666
Dog lost, help wanted!!!!!!!!!! 3 Pets & Animals
These two dogs are lost, urgent help wanted area 87330 Mortemart.For a picture of the dogs look here.Thank you for
started by: PaulGJ · last update: 1518599954 · posted: 1518161772
Lift required 0 General
Is there anyone from the Pontarion/ Bourganeuf  area travelling to Limoges airport on the 7th March for the 16
started by: fleur-chien-910563 · last update: 1518599798 · posted: 1518599798