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Large Luton removal from Caen to near Limoges... 1 General
Can anyone recommend or is there anyone out there do removals within France?  I have a large Luton load to mov
started by: dollydaydream-791017 · last update: 1513416740 · posted: 1513253489
Hog roast 4 Food & Drink
Does anyone know if someone who would do a hog roast in dept 87250 for a wedding next July, so far have drawn a bla
started by: Bruce-Stoner-914141 · last update: 1513287789 · posted: 1510180005
Poêle help 3 Home & Garden
We have an Invicta Sorel stove ( tall cylinder type) it has a cowl around the top and the fire rope has broken and
started by: Heckmondwikeannie2-502217 · last update: 1513165577 · posted: 1513005658
Angling companion wanted 0 Sport & Leisure
HiI am a 70 year old keen angler.I am looking for like minded company for fishing trips in 2018.I like to fish loca
started by: dave71 · last update: 1513003079 · posted: 1513003079
xmas market in Bellac 2 General
HiDoes anyone know when Bellac xmas marke  on?
started by: jessie1 · last update: 1512910026 · posted: 1512671620
English Speaking Notaire Dept 87 1 Financial & Legal
I live in England now but need an english speaking notaire for advice on selling our house without being present in
started by: profbook-577987 · last update: 1512909487 · posted: 1512755725
Mtre Vincent COURET - Notaire at Aixe sur... 2 Financial & Legal
We have some legal stuff to sort out and having found him on this site I wondered if anyone had used him and had an
started by: IANA-510558 · last update: 1512884906 · posted: 1511872664
VPN 5 Entertainment
Anyone have a VPN they would recommend
started by: watts264 · last update: 1512423216 · posted: 1512330267
Remove classified ad ? 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi, We've been advertising a car for sale on anglo info for the last couple of months. The car is now sold but
started by: TIMOTHY-HUTCHINSON-909566 · last update: 1512378240 · posted: 1512378240
SKY Q 0 Entertainment
Does anyone have SKY Q here in France?? If you do did you install yourself ? Does it work well
started by: watts264 · last update: 1512329889 · posted: 1512329889
camera drones 0 General
looking for someone who can advise me which drone to buy looking for one which has good camera about 15 min flying
started by: diymike · last update: 1512233137 · posted: 1512233137
La poste mobile phone customer services number 0 General
does anyone have a good number for the la poste mobile customer services? the number i have (0970 808 660) just kee
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1512049833 · posted: 1512049833
Changing Small Coins 2 General
We’ve got a load of small denomination coins we’d like to get rid of. Apparently some LeClercs used to have the
started by: DJC-509176 · last update: 1511792747 · posted: 1511618401
help please elcrical appliance repairs 2 General
does anyone know of an electrician that mends washing machines and cookers, limoges area 87000thanks in advance
started by: miss87-927444 · last update: 1511789658 · posted: 1511281786
people teaching french 3 General
HiIs there anyone English or French who could give me weekly French lessons willing to pay. Must be in Le Dorat
started by: jessie1 · last update: 1511453819 · posted: 1510585434
Anyone know a scrap man nr LE dorat 0 General
HiI have a quite a few car batteries and some scrap metal I want to get rid off. Does anyone know of a scrap metal
started by: hosemaster-501497 · last update: 1511260723 · posted: 1511260723
Climasol 1 General
Is there anybody out there that knows anything about Climasol ground soured heat pumps. My system is down and it ap
started by: Helgra · last update: 1511128273 · posted: 1510931787
Indian garment sellers ?? 0 General
At many of the bigger markets we have often admired the knitted cardigans and jumpers for children sold by indian /
started by: bigboy-510195 · last update: 1510765177 · posted: 1510765177
Compost/well rotted manure and leaf mulch... 3 Home & Garden
We bought a modern house earlier this year; the people who had it built did not oversee the build and the under soi
started by: Oldbury · last update: 1510580405 · posted: 1508326478
speak french? 2 Financial & Legal
hijust wondering if anyone who speaks fluent french could make a phone call for us, and how much they would charge?
started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1510580238 · posted: 1506692534