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Visit during pandemic 0 Families & Kids Started by: goatsxdave · Updated: 1593843976 · Created: 1593843976
Now that travel to France without restriction has been lifted, does anyone have up to date information as to UK relative
EDF/GDF Loans 0 Home & Garden Started by: Roly-Peck-963377 · Updated: 1592476270 · Created: 1592476270
Hi, has anyone taken out one of the EDF/GDF loans to install heating/insulation/double glazing etc.? If you have, did yo
Aga/Rayburn installation 2 Home & Garden Started by: Roly-Peck-963377 · Updated: 1592387499 · Created: 1591893351
Hi, am going to be moving to Peyrelevade, near Lac du Vassiviere, and will need to install a new wood burning stove. Was
Sawmills 0 General Started by: seaside-817678 · Updated: 1592386908 · Created: 1592386908
Hi, I’m near Cromac and I’m looking for a Sawmill that deals in Hardwoods, the Sawmill in Cromac doesn’t have what
heat pumps any 0 General Started by: dumper-507266 · Updated: 1590574390 · Created: 1590574390
anyone have any info re government help in paying for heat pumps or solar heating ,keep getting emails saying its free
Help with French administration 0 General Started by: Alison-Knight-960355 · Updated: 1588322793 · Created: 1588322793
Does anyone know of companies that help you sort out french admin such as social security numbers,carte vitale etc etc a
c,t test 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: dumper-507266 · Updated: 1585311556 · Created: 1585311556
my car is due for its control in april test centres are closed due to the ******* virus whats the answer ,anyone know ?
obtaining residency before 31 December 2020 0 Financial & Legal Started by: AngeB45 · Updated: 1584465779 · Created: 1584465779
Hi, confused by the internet but can anyone advise please? I'd like to buy a house in France before 31 December and move
photo machines 0 General Started by: dumper-507266 · Updated: 1582115638 · Created: 1582115638
anyone know how to get j peg from a photo machine to send to passport office in uk me french is not good and im also a l
Classic car bodywork repairs 8 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: gjhem · Updated: 1581960068 · Created: 1400834468
Following a shunt in my 1960 classic car I'm looking for a panel beater and sprayer who is used to working on such cars
Looking for French language classes near... 0 General Started by: Fiona-Johnston-954252 · Updated: 1581543395 · Created: 1580220075
Could anyone recommend a French language teacher/school in Limoges - I’m renting a house nearby during the month of Ju
Propane or electricity for cooking? 0 Home & Garden Started by: Elaine-McGuinness-947787 · Updated: 1581543393 · Created: 1572776275
Hi, I've owned my house for 12 years and the plan is to retire there in about 18 months. I'm trying to make preparations
French Residency 0 Financial & Legal Started by: onesize · Updated: 1581543393 · Created: 1570019262
Does anyone know of someone who is able to advise us with regards to French residency and related matters. Thank you.
Canal Plus 0 Entertainment Started by: Norman-Fellows-944329 · Updated: 1581543392 · Created: 1568031924
How does one cancel one's contract with Canal Plus?
Gardening services 0 General Started by: Marc-Taylor-915619 · Updated: 1576606950 · Created: 1576606950
Marc John TaylorQualified Gardener0787692565 0555305597
Help required before Brexit in 2030 0 Financial & Legal Started by: handyman-506243 · Updated: 1576067810 · Created: 1576067810
Hello. I own two properties and am about to sell them both. I have a charge against one of the properties that a bank ha
Carte Grise en linge 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Jacqueline-Rose-945765 · Updated: 1574950281 · Created: 1574950281
Hi there,We are near the finish line of what seems to have taken an age to sort out the paperwork to get our UK register
selling a french registered car for export... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: figero · Updated: 1572022486 · Created: 1572022486
hi im selling a mini cooper to a friend who will export it to holland, and re register it there; he has a french address
LibDems in France: the president leaves... 0 General Started by: pippa660 · Updated: 1571316478 · Created: 1571316478
LibDems in France:the president leaves a bill of almost1000 € to be paid to the co-organizers of ALDE Party IM / Franc
Submitting sales 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Susan-Tearall-946063 · Updated: 1570373374 · Created: 1570373374
I am trying to sell some car parts but the form gets as far as submitting band will gobnibfurtger