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I get ESA benefit.  Living 25 months. Benefit just stopped 18th February 2022. No warning. Unable to contact  DWP no answer. Letters written as it happened before and no reply now 6 months ago. Can anyone help me get in touch with UK DWP and get answers. Website rubbish for finding out non payments. Called September last year  nearly £50 in calls. Still no replies or answers. Have given them new address 16 months ago. A letter arrived at new address but apparently old address has also been uses but thar property now has new owners and no contact with them. HELP

started by: K-Krenner-1020521 · last update: 1642956333 · posted: 1642939859

Hi why is my classified ad "disabled"?  And am noticing conversation threads are over 2-3+ years old. Including websites in the directories. Are old invalid sites ever cleared? Tks,

started by: Susan-Tearall-946063 · last update: 1570373374 · posted: 1570373374

I am trying to sell some car parts but the form gets as far as submitting band will gobnibfurtger

started by: Petite-Vacance-915027 · last update: 1559641054 · posted: 1559641054

How can I edit my posting on classified ?

started by: franciman · last update: 1550962921 · posted: 1522081971

How do I post a classified?  Im constantly told 'not a valid email...

started by: David -Harding -918859 · last update: 1517315055 · posted: 1515596591

I am a British coach/bus driver who needs to find work in france if there are any british drivers who could give me some advice I would be grateful thank you

started by: TIMOTHY-HUTCHINSON-909566 · last update: 1512378240 · posted: 1512378240

Hi, We've been advertising a car for sale on anglo info for the last couple of months. The car is now sold but we can't seem to remove the ad so are continuing to get phone calls for it. I've emailed anglo info about it and, so far, have had no reply.Can anyone out there suggest a solution ?T.I.A Tim.

started by: Ken-Ball-911479 · last update: 1507633903 · posted: 1507561103

I just registered but the e-mail verification process is a stupid loop. I've come across some naff sites in my time at the NHS but this is awful. Maybe I should de-register after being on site for 7 mins!

started by: stephen-toft-910241 · last update: 1506620061 · posted: 1506595288

THIS IS FOR ADMIN.......when adding a photo why don't you move the add image to the bottom of the page so when you have finished adding text you don't go to next step and miss adding the pics as you can see from one of my adds   regards tofty55

started by: ruthrocky · last update: 1505990509 · posted: 1502880245

Keep entering a classified add the keeps coming up "oops something went wrong??

started by: kenneth-lawley-852826 · last update: 1503043252 · posted: 1502616448

Marking classified as "SOLD" not working

started by: DJC-509176 · last update: 1502098199 · posted: 1500539841

This used to be very useful, I could see which local cinemas had films in English. Now it's disappeared, to be replaced by a general list of cinemas. Too much bother, or another AI upgrade? 

started by: Millylaforet · last update: 1500331153 · posted: 1499886428

I've been trying off and on to put a simple ad with a couple of photos, absolutely impossible!  Can someone from Anglo support make the site more user friendly?

started by: organicmadge · last update: 1499810012 · posted: 1463511140

I've been away for sometime back in the UK, returned to France to find Anglo classified site absolutely terrible, what's gone wrong, it used to be so easy, now it takes ages to load up, I click out of an add and i'm sent to adds way down the line, find the same add repeated 10 times, judging by the amount of complaints, i'm not the only one, please bring back the old site before we all go somewhere else!!!!

started by: onuremul · last update: 1495054155 · posted: 1439822737

I would like to delete my account.

started by: Paul-Hawker-854456 · last update: 1490099699 · posted: 1485367798

Hello everybody,well,after the Muppets brought down brexit on our heads,we have decided to take out naturalisation. We have asked around a small circle of expats and the forms needed seems frightening.Is there anyone out there who has actualy done this? and who can give us helpful information.many thanks,Paul and Jacky Hawker.

started by: Chrissie -Van de Ven-Cole -894754 · last update: 1488817246 · posted: 1488704294

We are in the process of purchasing a small property to use for holiday use only at the moment, but are unsure as to whether we are jumping in to quickly with our choice of area, could anyone advise ? We are considering St Priest La Feuille near La Souterraine in Creuse , but  due to the stormy weather on our house hunting trip only managed to view 3 properties and make a choice ! 

started by: Nickydo · last update: 1475746545 · posted: 1475479721

I am gathering information as I am considering moving to the region from the Languedoc.Property prices seem to be very favourable and I am looking for a greener and less severe climate. But where to live? I am a single woman so I would like to live in a large village or small town close to a city. All transport links and plenty of things to go and see and do, especially of a cultural nature. Any thought please?

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2 concerns following my posting of a clio 3 for sale  the 1st is I would like to reduce the advertised price  the 2nd is I received what I believe to be a suspicious email regarding someone willing to buy  - advice please

started by: Stephen-Rocke-865731 · last update: 1469878298 · posted: 1469878298

Have. been trying to place a listing for a couple of hours, but the content submission icon justs spins

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