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I get ESA benefit.  Living 25 months. Benefit just stopped 18th February 2022. No warning. Unable to contact  DWP no answer. Letters written as it happened before and no reply now 6 months ago. Can anyone help me get in touch with UK DWP and get answers. Website rubbish for finding out non payments. Called September last year  nearly £50 in calls. Still no replies or answers. Have given them new address 16 months ago. A letter arrived at new address but apparently old address has also been uses but thar property now has new owners and no contact with them. HELP

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It has to be the International Branch that deals with people abroad.

many benefits are not paid once you leave the UK. Then a lot of people fell foul of the Life Certificate fiasco, if you hadn't filled it in and posted it back to them, they even stopped many peoples basic old age pension, mine included, my only income.

Try: Audrie Ford | SP Telephony | Department for Work and Pensions | Motherwell Pension Centre, Ground Floor, Johnstone House, 230 Airbles Road, Motherwell, ML1 3AT



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I can help you navigate your way around the DWP.  Have you missed a medical and they have put a hold on your payments, it is usually the number 1 reason that claimants on ESA have payments stopped....? 

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