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I am a British coach/bus driver who needs to find work in france if there are any british drivers who could give me some advice I would be grateful thank you


PaulGJ 1515607491

Hello David -Harding,

When I first came to France I found work as a schoolbusdriver, by just pop into
bus company office and presented myself.
Most of the bus companies looking for schoolbus drivers.
Another thing you can do is stop at a highschool at about 16.00 (except Wednesdays) and ask drivers of bus if their bos is looking for drivers.

I wish you the most of succes,
kind regards

David -Harding -918859 1515616627

Hi Paul thank you very much I will do as you say and hope I'm successful  once again thanks

PaulGJ 1515651999

Hello David,
Please keep me informed I would appreciate that.
Have a nice day

David -Harding -918859 1515657640

I will thank you

PaulGJ 1516565879

Hello David,
I just had a look at the site of pole-emploi, they offer several jobs as a

Origine de l'offre : Pôle emploi

Conducteur / Conductrice d'autobus H/F

in the 87290 area. They might have offers in you area too.

Kind regards

David -Harding -918859 1516624670

Thanks Paul I took your  advice and put my  cv  online I have had one reply which I am following up will let you know how I get on

PaulGJ 1516645132

GREAT, hope it will work!!!

David -Harding -918859 1516715131

Hi Paul unfortunately it didn't work  out  so  I really don't know what to do to get work I would just like to thank you for taking the time to reply to me I am considering giving up and returning home  once again thankyou

PaulGJ 1516723630

Hello David,
In the INFO-magazine issue 1623 lundi 22 janvier 2018, I read the following advert:
Société de LImoges
recrute H/F pour son développement
poste à mi- temps CDI
Envoyer CV à infomagazine qui transmettra.

You can also look at:

Kind regards

Ally 1517315054

I know people who work  driving coaches for a chateau in Normandy that has children from UK staying 

maybe a similar situation exists down your way?

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