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Hello,I have a French driving licence, the car is fully 'Frenched', CT etc. Pre-Brexit, I was able to drive  my car for short periods back in the UK under my French insurance however, post-Brexit, does anyone know if this is still possible?I can ask at the bank where the policy was issued, but its not convenient right now to go to the branch, hence asking here. Thank you.

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Hi everyoneMy first visit to the site and my first post so please be kind.... I need to exchange my uk licence for a French one to avoid having to take a French driving test. I have discovered (on this site) an update dated 1/2/21 advising that the ANTS site is currently refusing exchanges until a reciprocal agreement has been signed with the uk and that uk licences for arrivees before dec 2020 are still accepted. It gives a link to that in French ( presumably to a French government site) but the link is inoperative. I would dearly like to print that out in order to show any gendarmes if necessary. Can anyone point me to it.

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Hi I have just bought a French registered car in Scotland to take back to France . I have failed to register the car on the ANTs website after several hours !Can anyone suggest a good company to use to register my car for me or anyone i can apply to in the UK for assistance ?

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my car is due for its control in april    test centres are closed  due to the *******   virus whats the answer ,anyone know ?

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Following a shunt in my 1960 classic car I'm looking for a panel beater and sprayer who is used to working on such cars and is sympathetic to their needs. Can anyone recommend someone that meets my requirements? Car is looking a bit unhealthy at the moment and not roadworthy until repaired.

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Hi there,We are near the finish line of what seems to have taken an age to sort out the paperwork to get our UK registered car Megane Sceinc onto French plates. After looking at a number of websites the prices range from 100-400 euros to complete this process. My question is has anyone changed their car plates recently and if so can you recommend who you used please?Many thanks for taking time out to read this.Regards

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hi im selling a mini cooper  to a friend who will export it to holland, and re register it there;  he has a french address here which will be used for the relevent paperwork, but do i still need to go on line to the ANTS  site to inform them ? if it is leaving the country ?, and also can i sell it with one year ct on it, if buyer is happy which he is

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I have a 1951 BSA A10 in need of some attention. I am out of the country a lot and don't have the time at present to look after it myself. Does anyone know anywhere between Limoges and Brive that specialises in old bikes.Would be very grateful for any suggestions.

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Bonjour,I am thinking about long term car leasing (private) here in France.Have you had any experience of this or do know of anyone who has.Any information would be most helpful.Merci beaucoup

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hi, does anyone know the current procedure to obtain a french driving licence (to replace a uk one) as i know these procedures change all the time. if so, how do we get our categories transferred over as well? (i.e. what we can drive, vans etc). i believe we have to contact DVLA first to obtain a statement or something? 

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i am buying a uk registered 2nd hand car on uk plates to bring back to france. please can anyone tell me about the headlamps that i have to have changed in order to register the car to french numberplates? i have been told conflicting stories. some say the stick on thingys work, a toyota garage told me that only the lens cover needs changing, or do i have to buy the whole headlamp units? x 2? are the headlamps cheaper to buy in the uk or france? do they sell them in the uk? anyone who has been through this, would be grateful of any advice. any advice also, on the coc, (certificate of conformity), where is the best place to obtain this? uk or france?

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hi does anyone know the current procedure to obtain a french driving licence, (to replace an english one). as i know these procedures get changed all the time! any help appreciated. i believe we have to contact the dvla first, to get something from them? also, want to know how we get the categories transferred over as well. (i.e. what i can drive, vans etc).  

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Can anyone offer advice? We purchased a car 2nd hand from our local mechanic, who had been asked to sell this car on behalf of someone returning to the uk. We were given a carte grise in the name of what we thought to be the registered owner and although it was dated 2015 we were told that we would have no problem registering it. Well we do have problems registering it, and have been told that the name on the carte grise we have is not the registered owner of the car. Can we do this registration another way? Tried lost carte grise but been told that we must have one in name of previous owner, but told by mechanic that previous owner never registered it. Any suggestions for this battle? Anyone been through similar situation? Thanks in advance. Y bishop

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hi, i have just purchased a 2nd hand french car, and need to get a new carte grise for this car in my name. Can anyone suggest the easiest most  cost effective way to do this? as i have found out that i can no longer go to the prefecture. i am aware if i take it to a garage, or other approved dealership, then i have a fee to pay? How easy is it please to do online myself, and if so is there a fee online? does anyone have any experiences on this? thanks.

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Hello all - I am in a bit of a dilemma as my English driving licence has now expired while waiting for the French renewal process.  I was late sending my renewal application in as I had no idea it was now a post in system.  All my friends had just popped off to the Prefecture and just about had it done there and then.  I was a bit panicked sent my renewal off and the stated reading that it could take months.  Right now I have no licence, will it be renewed if the record shows that I sent it in before the expiry date.  Anyone with any experience of this?  I hear the French test is a daunting experience with lots of failures.  Any advise would be appeciated 

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I am presently going through a car insurance claim and I am required to pay for the repairs before claiming the money back from AXA.Is this the norm?

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