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I am presently going through a car insurance claim and I am required to pay for the repairs before claiming the money back from AXA.Is this the norm?

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joinfrance 1518414795

I had a big claim about 18 months ago, and didn't pay anything until it was all finished, then it was just the excess. That was with Macif.

Polarengineer 1518417763

Some insurance companies prefer to get repairs done at their approved garages whereby they pay directly to the garage. If you have a car of special make, Jaguar, Landrover, ect., and not the standard citroen, or any PSA brand, then you may want specialist franchise garages to handle the repairs, then you pay first and send the bill to the insurance company for reimbursment. This is my experience from repairs made to my car last month.

dingers-503329 1518428441

This is a Mitsubishi Shogun. The work is being done in AXA approved garage so no problem there all seen by the assessor. Since writing my pal advised he had similar experience with AXA so perhaps this is the norm for them. My bill coming in about 3000€, what happens if you haven't got it?

It all kicked off with AXA not be able to get me off the motorway because their computer was down and asked me to use the recovery company used by the Guardia, the recovery company then wanted cash to complete the recovery. It took two and half months to get that money back.

I am now looking for another insurance company for our insurances so any recommendations appreciated. Will google Macif.  

JB 1518439811

Just as an aside, it you break down on an autoroute you must use the roadside phones not contact your own breakdown cover directly using your mobile. 

dingers-503329 1518448710

We were in Spain, hence Guardia Civil who arrived almost instantly at what turned out to be quite a major incident.

mintyonemick 1518520872

Jb most of the roadside phone are now not used all the one near us are covered up and have been for the last 2 years they now watch with the camaras

dingers-503329 1518532717

As before I would be pleased to hear of any insurances that doesn't require client to settle costs beforehand. I guess most people will have to contact their insurance company befor  actually knowing. 

I must admit it's been a shock and one I could have advoided if I had known.

countrydweller 1518538930

Are you sure that you are actually covered for what you think you are?I have known expats in the past who thought they were covered for all sorts of things but weren't

dingers-503329 1518579696

Covered 100%. Like many others in France insurance is my heaviest outlay so its quite important to ensure it works. My Broker is English so no lack of comprehension. 

The philosopher of  "pay before you get the money reimbursed" only in my opinion only should be made known.

joinfrance 1518588448

In the past 8 years with Macif I have had two incidences, one a breakdown, one an accident. In both cases I had nothing to pay until it was all finished. Seeing the post on here I think I will stay with them. I had dealings with AXA in the UK. Their intransigence and unwillingness to pay out - it took 5 months to get reimbursed - cost me my livelihood.

countrydweller 1518625783

I am with Generali Not the cheapest but  theydo not seem to muck about with claims etc and the broker is already to negotiate downwards on the premium

Dingers I did not mean to insult your intelligence but I am sure you like me are aware of expats getting into a muddle as they have not fully understood

dingers-503329 1518699708

No problem countrydweller, thanks for your import.

I am surprised more feed back hasn't been forthcoming particularly from  the insurance brokers and the like..

The other insurance requirement is for cover in excess of the normal 3 months as we generally travel south to Spain during the winter period.

dingers-503329 1518700107

Looks like the right thing to do "joinfrance" does Macif have any English speaking agents do you know? 

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