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Following a shunt in my 1960 classic car I'm looking for a panel beater and sprayer who is used to working on such cars and is sympathetic to their needs. Can anyone recommend someone that meets my requirements? Car is looking a bit unhealthy at the moment and not roadworthy until repaired.

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gjhem 1400834659

Sorry, should have said I'm in the St Mathieu area (87440) and would be looking for a recommendation for someone within say an hours drive.

johnandfifi 1400840911

Have you tried Walton Coachworks at 87600 Vayres,  0555 786702. No personal knowledge.

.... or Paul Richfield at Chasseneuil (16260) who specialises in vintage/classics ,0516 098446,but I don't know if he does bodywork-if not,he'll probably know someone who does.

I know of another repairer, but further to the West beyond Aigre, who carried out repair/respray of my 80s car.

gjhem 1400841690

Paul is taking at the mechanical side of things and  Nick Walton hasn't got a dedicated spray booth yet.

In need, I'll come back for details for the sprayer out at Aigre. Via DVN, I've had a recommendtion for a dedicated coach bulder but he is a fair way, away.




compo-510813 1400920211

there is one behind the chinese in st junien, i had some work done there and was satisfied with what was done

johnandfifi 1400933080

Graham.I've emailed you details of the repairer, with pics of the work he did for me,to help you decide where to go with the car.

gjhem 1401190698


Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Do you know if he gets involved with English classic cars of the 60s....namely my Riley 1.5?


Mongalla Dave 1403803433

Hi we have two places near here that does excellent repairs, if you would like further information give me a call or email.


tel 0545616335

Lexie 1581960068

Hi. I see this post is several years old. I was wondering if anyone has any updated information on a panel beater/ sprayer in the area?


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