registering for a new Carte Grise

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Hi I have just bought a French registered car in Scotland to take back to France . I have failed to register the car on the ANTs website after several hours !Can anyone suggest a good company to use to register my car for me or anyone i can apply to in the UK for assistance ?

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listen very carefully 1602318604

Firstly who did you buy it from? Secondly has the seller endorsed the carte grise and or given you the online code to change ownership and are they the person registered on the CG? Has it got insurance and a CT of at least six months ? How long has it been out of France? Have they supplied you with a certificate of non gage Unfortunately some people do this and come unstuck big time HOw do you intend to get the vehicle back to France? It needs insurance and a CT to drive it on the road and in France there is now the equivalent of ANPR so it will pick up if the vehicle is properly registered or insured Is there an insurance history with the vehicle as France requires continual insurance history so if you cannot show this then it is highly unlikely that you will find an insurance company willing to insure it as they will automatically become liable for any back claims and you cannot register it withou t insurance I have come across this situation several times and nearly always the vehicle cannot be registered or can only be done with a lot of hassle and expense Personally I would demand that the seller take it back and refund you A private seller cannot sell a vehicle registered in another country anyway IF by any chance it is RHD you could perhaps re register it in the UK but you are going to have to prove residence there by a utility bill or similar

IN the event that you still want to attempt to re register then go along to a company like Cartaplac or any place such as Roady ,Feu vert etc or even your local garage Bonne Chance

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