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How does one cancel one's contract with Canal Plus?

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Anyone have a VPN they would recommend

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Does anyone have SKY Q here in France?? If you do did you install yourself ? Does it work well

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HiI have an existing telephone line to my house but it hasnt been used for 10 years. I want a line and basic internet service.Any suggestions on how i can get this without paying through the nose?Many ThanksBarry

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We are getting married on Sunday 27th this year at my parents house near Brigueil le Chantre.  We are desperately on the search for a band/musician both for the afternoon and then for the evening reception.  We are fairly open to styles and would love to hear from anyone who is either a musician or who knows of one who may be interested in a further conversation! 

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I am looking for a VPN but it must be able to be connected to my SKY HD box to mask I am France. The idea is to be able to connect it to the net so I can download box sets etc.and not let sky know I am in France and possibly disconnect my service.

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Musicians wanted to form a new group, improvers welcome. Must be willing to commit/be a resident. Music of the 60s & 70s. Mail for more details.

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i just ordered a full SKY package for £30 p/monthHere in France, it was so easy and the company seem very helpfuli just recommended them to a friend in Spain who is paying £75 per month for the same package!for more details email me.davebt@usa.com

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Wonderful to see a good crowd gathered in Chalus to honour and remember the fallen, an eclectic mix too, of young and old, French predominately with smattering of usual suspects from the Brits.The minutes silence was observed by young and old, and the National Anthem of course was very emotional.I guess at maybe a hundred or more people there, and compare it to a similar service in the UK, from a much larger town the turnout was much smaller, and I wonder why. Apathy, or perhaps people are less well informed or educated as to the reason for Remembrance, seems that in a lot of ways the UK has lost a generation that care.I remember marching through the town in a parade (I was a TA warrior!!) and people staring or laughing, traffic, sounding horns at the hold up, not a good vibe from the townspeople.Maybe they were not too blame for their ignorance, but I felt shame for the veterans who were there to honour their fallen comrades and expect a much better reception.Anyway, well done Chalus, and I expect every town and village in France, great to see respect for the lost lives of young, predominately working class lads.

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HiHas anyone else got this problem? all the other channels work ok ..we are using an old sky box for free view etc. What other methods to peeps use to get there UK TV over here ? 

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Hello, we are celebrating my birthday in Bordeaux on New Year's Eve, is there a firework display to let in the new year in the city. Any other helpful info for entertaining ourselves for a couple of days would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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My TV is a UK Samsung and can receive digital signals. If I connect up an aerial will that be sufficient to receive  French TV or do I have to buy a TNT box?

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The English Libraryin the Correze will be holding a Fish and Chip Night and Quiz at the Chateau deBellefond on Saturday June 11th at 7 pm. Wine, beer, fish & chips, cakes for sale.   You can bring your own team (maximum of 6), or find one onthe night. Prize for the winners!  Please let us know if you wish to come, to give us an ideaof numbers. Contact us on correzeenglishlibrary@gmail.comFor more information on this and other social events and onthe Library please look at our website:  https://sites.google.com/site/englishlibraryinthecorreze/

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Hi, Does anyone have the Sky Europe service and can give me some feedback on it please? Mark

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Hello Yesterday i updated skype on my pc. I was conected on my profile page I can't for the life of me remember how to get from the profile page to my contact list. I tried to many times and now i have to wait 24 hour to try again. I can wait but I still can't remember what to do?  Can anyone advise me please in a nice simple way thanks   Jane  

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Star Wars is on in Aubusson from today: VF today 2045 VF Friday 1745 VO Sunday 2045 Not my cup of tea though ;) :)

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Hello all, I'm looking for a lead guitarist to join our group, improver welcome! Located between Confolens and Bellac. Mixed music, if interested please get in touch.  Many thanks in advance.

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hi, has anyone been to see Star Wars (VO) in Limoges yet, do I need t book or is it ok to turn up. Not sure how busy it will be. ( went to see Spectre last week, only 4 of us there!)

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Hello, I am a total novice when it comes to things like this. I would like to know which is the best website to download music from onto a USB please? Thank you

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Hi, does anyone know if the new Star Wars movie is showing in English anywhere in dept 23 or 36? Cheers & Merry Christmas to all, Pat

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