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Hi,    I.m sure the answer I'm looking for is somewhere on this site,  but I'm rushing around so much right now,  I don't have time to stir my coffee...My partner and I have bought a house in Limousin.  We have opted for Orange internet,  namely the Orange Livebox play,  which works via the phone line and works well.  For now,  we spend time in France and the UK.  Can I make the Orange Livebox Play work back in the UK?  It seems a shame to pay for a years internet yet only use it for 6 months.  Is there an adaptor available,  connection wise?

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No the livebox is predicated on connecting to the Orange servers There are alternatives if you do not want to pay a full year such as dongles etc but a lot will depend on your usage etc

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Thank you for your reply.  I did try to make it work with the help of my son who's very clued up.  His opening gambit of 'No way Dad' set the tone and confirmed what you say.   In my defense,  I had been told by a chap who's lived in France for many years ( and should have known better) that it would work in the UK.

He's now temporarily off the Christmas list... 

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