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Anyone have a VPN they would recommend

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joinfrance 1512366729

What is a VPN?

chrisell 1512366990

If it's to watch TV - you're better with a DNS service these days - they're normally quicker. I use SmartDNSProxy.

VPN - for hiding streaming Anonymous is good - for TV most of the ExpatTV ones work okay.

watts264 1512381979

All I really want to use it for is to link up to my Sky box so I can access online content like catch up and box sets without Sky knowing I am in France and running the risk of disconnection. Many thanks Ill have a look at smart DNS

Daniel H 1512422736

Smart DNS with Overplay.

Try the monthly package then cancel it (I did because I didn't want it on Auto renew and that's the only way to stop it). Give the reason as saying you're having a break and that you'll be back and they might give you a couple of months free. They did for me. Got three months for $5!

watts264 1512423216

many thanks I will give it a go

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