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We are moving to France in March, we are looking at the area around La Dorat. I have a 7 year old, would you recommend this area for young children? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 

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Hi, we are looking at moving by the end of the year but currently have a pending court hearing for my step son to move with us. We are looking at rural limousin area but haven't been able to narrow it down yet as not managed a viewing trip. Is anyone in the area and could help with info on schools for a 4 year old? I know that schools are allocated based on address but need some info re the general standard in the area and support for english students.Thank you

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Now that travel to France without restriction has been lifted, does anyone have up to date information as to UK relatives visiting and staying with you? 04 July 2020

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 Hi Can anyone help? We have owned a home in the Auvergne for 14 years and more so lately have been thinking about making the move permanent. My husband is a Self employed Gas Engineer in the UK so could technically commute now and again for work. We have 2 kids (11 and 10). the kids are happy to go. The issue i have is that my youngest child has Type 1 diabetes and wears an insulin pump. he has excellent care in the UK and whilst I'm happy to pay health insurance I'm not sure how he would transfer into the French system. Where would we stand if hubby continued to work in the UK, but we lived in France????

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Hi there, does anyone know of any baby/toddler groups around La Souterraine (23300) or elsewhere in Creuse? Google isn't much help so thought it might be worth asking here! Hope someone can help, thanks. 

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Hi there, my husband, 14 month old baby and I are in the process of moving from the uk to not too far from Eymoutiers.im just wondering are there any baby/toddler groups? Also if there are any mums that fancy hangin out sometime please give me a shout! 

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can anyone explain what a quotient familial letter is from caf, and what i do with it? i have received one, for 200 euros, but i dont know what it is for.

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My 14 year old son (in July) may be starting school in Gueret or Bourganeuf in September 2017. I am looking to buy a house in either town and to spend half of my time there. I have to be in England for regular work meetings - I am a self-employed marketer and film-maker - so am looking for local families with whom to make friends and perhaps even enter into a paying-guest arrangement for Jimmy when I have to be in the UK.It would be great to meet local families anyway. I have two elder daughters aged 20, at university in England, and 17, about to do A Levels in England next year. My son's next school has fallen through, hence both our thoughts that now could be a great time for him really to learn French and to experience something different. He is really ready for a change, as am I.Any thoughts very welcome!Henry

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Bonjour,I'm looking for a registered baby minder in the region of St Junien, Veyrac & Aixe sur vienne.Please contact Gavin on 07 83 99 88 48.

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Hi everyone,In March of next year (2018) we are making the move from England to France and will be moving to a village just outside of Bellac.  We have an 11 year old daughter that will need to attend school.  So far we have sen that there are two schools local to us - College Louis Jouvet, Bellac and College Maryse Bastie, Nantiat.Firstly, has anyone had any contact or experience with either school and secondly are there any families in and around the area that have children of a similar age that maybe be able to start a 'pen pal' type contact with my daughter so it helps with the transition when we make the move?We are travellling over at the beginning of May to hopefully visit the schools, sort out bank accounts etc, etc so if there are any families that would like to meet over a coffee or glass of wine and share their experiences and offer advice it will be well received from us!Hope to hear from you all soon.Toby

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Hi all after readinganother thread from a few years ago i am a little reluctant to ask similarquestions that another person posted, the post received some very negativeunnecessary comments. Anyway i will give it a bash in the hope that i receivepositive assistance with my questions. We are moving to France from SouthAfrica in 2018. We have looked at a number of areas in the South of France,Limousin, Aquitain Brittany Dordogne etc. The catch really for us is we are bringing our twoEnglish/ Afrikaans grandchildren with us. They are 2 and 4 years of age. MySouth African husband speaks French so that's a huge bonus. I will be doingseveral french language courses over the next 12 months. So hopefully will beable to communicate with our new locals. My question is where is the best ruralarea with enough foot traffic to settle, with primary schools? where would weget the best value for money, we want to start a small B&B/ restaurant Barin the country with accommodation for us etc. I will be working from home andtravelling whilst still being employed by an offshore company. However my hubbywho loves to cook and has previous hotel, restaurant experience will run thebusiness. We don't have a big budget due to the South African rand being soweak against the Euro. My hubby is a bit of a handyman, he can decorate, tile,paint and do all of the basic renovations if required. The biggest concern forus is our two little parcels. So anyone providing tips or advice should bedoing so with my two grandchildren in mind who will need to be integrated intolocal French schools. So any areas would need to foremost cater for children.Any help or contacts would be greatly appreciated       

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Anyone have a clue how to register two children, who are in school in France, with the Social Security Services....??I need to have these numbers for the school paperwork, they are both Irish passport holders...can.t get anything sorted in the village I live in..

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i am in the process of moving full time to france from zimbabwe, i have a nearly 15 year old son who i need to put into school in france, we are in dept 87, near bellac, our son needs to go to either a boarding school where english and french is taught or a day school, are there any? would rather he intergrates into french life/culture / language as soon as possible, his french at the moment is minimal....any help or advise woulkd be greatly appreciated...

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Hi We are looking for an english or international school in or around limoges for our 11 year old daughter. any advice

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Our children are due to start primary school at Saint Mathieu in France in September and i am aware that they will require an Individuelle accident responsibilitie civile assurance policy for each of them. Could any other parents of school-age children advise on the best place to get these as i have seen varying information. I have seen a 'Scolaire Simple' policy through MAE that is around 11 euros per year covering the necessary level that is required (school day, trips and transportation). Or is there somewhere else locally that will provide the assurance (i.e through the mairie etc?)

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I would really like to split up with my French partener and go back to the U.K. I have 3 children with him has anyone had experience with this? Please no moral lessons as it's difficult for us

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I make and sell children’s clothes 3ms – 4yrs. I have just returned from an internet course with lots of questions in my head regarding websites. I would be so grateful if people could give me feedback on my website http://www.petiteclassiques.net Some open ended questions are:Is it easy enough to find any info you require?Are dummies as opposed to models a good way to display the garments?Can you appreciate the quality of the garments?Would you buy from this site?Would you be more likely to buy from this site if I spoke more about my philosophy behind the making and selling of the clothes i.e. why I charge reasonable prices when everyone seems to say I should charge more for unique and handmade garments. Would it make a difference? Any other constructive comments would be much appreciated. If you could ask any family and friends so I could have the widest possible feedback again I would be so grateful

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My 2 1/2 yr old grandaughter will be staying with us for 2/3 months. Does anyone know if there is a English speaking playschool/nursery in the Nexon or St Yrieix-la-Perche area that she could attend temporarily.Thank you.

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Hi I am moving to the Haute Vienna region in August this year with my family I am registered qualified children's nurse in the UK currently working in a specialist mental health hospital for young people with conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, OCD, post traumatic stress and psychosis. I also worked for 10 years with children and young people with a diverse range of disabilities both in a special needs school and as an outreach and respite carer. I am resigned to the fact that until I can speak French fluently it will not be possible to work as a nurse in France. However, I was wondering what scope there would be to use my skills to support families in the expat community? Obviously I would ensure any role I took on abided by French law. Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.

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